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Fuel Tank Sending Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Type 3 1968 and on
Fuel Tank Sending Unit. 1968 to 1971 Beetle (not 1302 Beetle) 1200A Standard Beetle 1971 ..
Ex Tax: $77.36
High quality stock replacement ignition wire set with large plug  air seals
Made in USA Super High quality, stock replacement ignition wire set with large plug  air sea..
Ex Tax: $45.45
Back Up light with bracket
Chrome Back Up Light with Bracket.   This reproduction back-up light assembly can be..
Ex Tax: $66.78
Head Lamp 3-Prong Pigtail with Connector and Wiring VW Beetle Kombi and T25
This heavy duty, headlight pigtail eliminates one of the causes of dim headlights due to corrosio..
Ex Tax: $12.37
12 Volt Flasher unit
Quality flasher relay for stock and converted to 12 volt systems Eletronic so can work with L..
Ex Tax: $22.38
Voltage Drop unit adjustable
This very well made converter kit allows you to run a full 12 volt charging system without changi..
Ex Tax: $109.51
EMPI Centrifugal Advance Distributor "009"
This is the street model EMPI "009" Copy which has similar advance curve to the old no longer ava..
Ex Tax: $183.33
12 Volt Horn Made in Germany
A great quality horn, good for any replacement, restoration or 12 Volt upgrade conversion. ..
Ex Tax: $50.09
Indicator switch Beetle, Karmann Ghia and Type 3 1968 to 1970 Econo Version
Indicator switch This is the switch in the column that activates your indicators, and turns o..
Ex Tax: $158.44
Battery Isolator Switch
Great for when you store your Volkswagen over the winter, or for any lenghty time, as it will iso..
Ex Tax: $29.30
Distributor Rotor Bosch Part Number 04 006
We oftern refer to this rotor as the "Flat rotor" as it is the shortest in the range for the earl..
Ex Tax: $33.30
Tail Light Lens Karmann Ghia 1960 to 1969 USA Spec
Tail Light Lens to fit the Karmann Ghia 1960 to 1969. This is the USA Spec Type with all red..
Ex Tax: $72.96
Bosch 12 Volt generator for Beetle's and Kombi's
Bosch 12 Volt generator for Beetle's and Kombi's Please not we do not sell the 12 Volt Chine..
Ex Tax: $386.95
Brake Light Switch 2 Pin
This is the switch that turns the brake lights on when there is pressure in the brake system. ..
Ex Tax: $33.90
Distributor Cap Bosch Style 03 001
This is the cap that we refer to as the flat cap, and works with the ignition rotor part number 0..
Ex Tax: $30.04
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