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CV Axle Boot for VW Beetle , Karmann Ghia and Type 3
CV Boots fitted to all I.R.S style axles listed below.   Fits: Beetle 1971 to 19..
Ex Tax: $7.50
VW Gearbox Axle Shim Gasket
Axle tube gaskets are used on vw swing axle transmissions between the case and the 6 bolt flange ..
Ex Tax: $4.64
Type 3 Oil Dipstick Tube Boot
Fits 1962 to 1974 Type 3   Often cracked or split, leaking oil all over the driveway..
Ex Tax: $10.60
Ignition Coil 12 Volt Quality  Beru Brand
The ignition coil is an important part of the ignition system. The coil provides the necessary hi..
Ex Tax: $74.24
Front Wheel  Bearing Kit Beetle Karmann Ghia and Type 3 1968 and on (One side)
Front Wheel Bearing kit uses a high quality tapered roller bearings.    Kit..
Ex Tax: $52.55
Front shock VW Beetle 1953 to 1967 & VW Karmann Ghia 1956 to 1965
This is a specific shock for the front of your Beetle or Karmann Ghia ad best suited to stock car..
Ex Tax: $74.48
12mm Crankcase Breather Filter
Fits to your oil filler on Type 1 and Type 4 engines ..
Ex Tax: $18.55
VW Single Port Cylinder head complete
New complete replacement Single port cylinder head for VW Volkswagen beetle, Karmann Ghia, and Ko..
Ex Tax: $526.33
Indicator switch VW Type 3 1971 Only Genuine German Made SWF
This is a hard to find "one year only" Type 3 switch made by SWF of Germany ..
Ex Tax: $396.77
VW 6 Volt Horn Made in Germany
A great quality 6 Volt horn, good for any replacement or restoration   Suitable for ..
Ex Tax: $73.08
Motul HD 80w 90 Gearbox Mineral Oil 1 Ltr
Motul  HD  80W90 is a high-quality mineral hypoid gear oil for manual transmissions, fi..
Ex Tax: $22.50
VW Type 3 Notch Rear screen window seal with no trim groove (Cal Look)
New Rear windshield seal fitting Tyep 3 Notchbacks,  from 1964 to 1973. This seal is smooth ..
Ex Tax: $53.22
Drive Flange Seal for Manual Gearbox for VW IRS Beetle Karmann Ghia and Type 3
Final Drive Seal (Gearbox)   IRS Beetle, Karmann Ghia, and Type 3.   Th..
Ex Tax: $8.16
Engine Windage tray Used
Engine Windage tray  Fits in side your engine and reduces oil surge  (Can onl..
Ex Tax: $10.00
Ball foot swivel valve adjusters, set of 8
Prevent valve stem wear caused by the side load of high lift cams and high valve spring pressure...
Ex Tax: $75.70
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