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Front Quarter Glass Seal Right VW Type 3 All Years
This is the front Quarter light seal for the Right and fits VW Type 3 All Years. This is..
Ex Tax: $58.13
VW Type 3 Outside Mirror Left Side Notchback Squareback Fastback
This is a true replica of the original Type 3 Mirror made to a very high standard by Flat 4 of Ja..
Ex Tax: $135.22
Stock Flywheel, 200mm, 12 Volt, 4 Dowel, Economy.
Stock Flywheel, 200mm, 12 Volt, 4 Dowel, Economy.  This is a good quality flywheel for s..
Ex Tax: $151.43
EMPI Replacement Brake Pads for Rear Disc Brake Kits (Listed)
These replacement brake pads are for use with 22-6123-B & 22-6124-B side inlet calipers...
Ex Tax: $62.57
VW Generator or Alternator stand gasket Type 1 engine
This is the gasket that seals the generator or alternator stand to the engine case, two are neede..
Ex Tax: $1.66
Injection Throttle Bodies 40mm with Injector Ports (2 Pairs)
Will fit on to IDF style inlets for Type 1 and Type 4 and will work with the CB Performance and E..
Ex Tax: $660.57
Oil Pump Cover Steel
VW Oil Pump Cover  Fits all 8mm stud oil pumps, good to replace your old worn pump cove..
Ex Tax: $16.80
Urethane Shift Coupler Fits VW Vehicles up to 1967
The strength and durability of urethane will out-last & out-perform standard rubber products ..
Ex Tax: $48.66
Main Bearing Set Type 1 based engine +20" on case, -10" on Crank
1200-1600cc Main Bearings Set, Steel backed for extra strength , these bearings are a excellent b..
Ex Tax: $129.39
Front Wheel Inner Bearing VW Beetle Karmann Ghia and Type 3 1968 and on (Economy version)
Front Wheel Inner Bearing Economy version Beetle 1968 to 1979 and Type 3 ..
Ex Tax: $15.13
VW 12 Volt Flasher unit
Quality flasher relay for stock and converted to 12 volt systems Eletronic so can work with L..
Ex Tax: $22.38
Fuel Pump block off with vent port
This is a great way to block off your old fuel pump mount when you have gone to an eletric fuel p..
Ex Tax: $39.88
Barrel Shim for 90.5mm and 92mm Cylinders .020" (0.50mm) Thick
.020" (0.50mm)  Thick Steel shims allow for adjusting deck height without machining..
Ex Tax: $28.92
VW Tin Ware Screw Cheese Head
Slotted Cheese Head Sems Screw with Flat Washer Steel Zinc   M 6 - 1.0 x 12mm ..
Ex Tax: $0.52
Porsche Fuchs 4.5" Chrome Wheel 5 X 130 Pattern
Porsche Fuchs 4.5" Chrome Wheel 5 X 130 Pattern Note these are the Chrome wheels and not the ..
Ex Tax: $403.12
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