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Bosch Distributor Cap Late 03010
BOSCH 03010 Distributor Cap Tall Style    VW Parts number 113 905 207C &nbs..
Ex Tax: $29.96
VW Rocker Cover Gasket, Fits 1200cc (40HP) 1300cc, 1500cc and 1600cc style engines
Best quality composite OEM Style cork gaskets we can get!  Made in Germany   ..
Ex Tax: $3.30
Rear Brake Drum VW Type 3 1966 to 1974
Rear Brake Drum Type 3 1966 to 1974 Also fits VW 411 and 412 Rear brakes ..
Ex Tax: $137.98
Billet aluminium sump plate 1200cc to 1600cc style engines
This billet aluminum sump plate will never bend or distort due to over-tightening, unlike stock p..
Ex Tax: $68.30
Big End Bearings +0.50mm (+0.20") Type 1
VW Big end (Rod Bearing) Sets, 1200 to 1600cc Engines are excellent bearings for up to around 160..
Ex Tax: $29.07
Door Handle Gasket Late VW Beetle, Ghia and Type 3 Large
Door Handle Gasket Late VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia and Type 3 Large Fits: Beetle 1968 and on..
Ex Tax: $2.33
Upper ball joint for Type 3’s
This is the highest quality ball joint available for type 3 Squareback, Fastback, and Notchback..
Ex Tax: $104.56
Exhaust flange Gasket 1200cc to 1600cc Style engines
Stock replacement style Exhaust flange Gasket 1200cc to 1600cc Style engines These steel..
Ex Tax: $1.30
Main Bearing Case Dowel Pin
This genuine VW dowel pin locates the main baring into the crank case and fits all 1200cc–..
Ex Tax: $1.33
Fuel Cap 1971 and later with threaded base and locking made from metal
Fuel Cap 1971 and on with threaded base  made from metal. Fits   Stand..
Ex Tax: $40.57
VW Shift Rod Bush 1953 and later Beetle, Kombi, Karmann Ghia and Type 3
This is is often in very poor condition, and likely in need of replacement.    ..
Ex Tax: $6.66
VW Generator and Alternator Stand Oil Deflector Plate
This fits between case and stand   40hp 1200cc to 1600cc Engines,    ..
Ex Tax: $1.66
VW Heater Box repair pipe
These pipes are a great option over buying a replacement heat exchanger, all is needed is to remo..
Ex Tax: $11.91
VW Gear Shifter lock Plate
VW shifter base stop plate for manual transmissions. This is the plate that stopes you selec..
Ex Tax: $11.20
Clutch Return Spring (On Gearbox)
Clutch Return Spring (On Gearbox), 1961 to 1971 Beetle , 1961 to 1971 Kombi, and 1961 to 1971 Typ..
Ex Tax: $7.99
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