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Main Bearing Case Dowel Pin
This genuine VW dowel pin locates the main baring into the crank case and fits all 1200cc–..
Ex Tax: $1.33
Fuel Cap 1971 and later with threaded base and locking made from metal
Fuel Cap 1971 and on with threaded base  made from metal. Fits   Stand..
Ex Tax: $40.57
Type 3 Oil Dipstick Tube Boot
Fits 1962 to 1974 Type 3   Often cracked or split, leaking oil all over the driveway..
Ex Tax: $10.60
VW Ignition Coil 12 Volt Quality  Beru Brand
The ignition coil is an important part of the ignition system. The coil provides the necessary hi..
Ex Tax: $74.24
Front Wheel  Bearing Kit Beetle Karmann Ghia and Type 3 1968 and on (One side)
Front Wheel Bearing kit uses a high quality tapered roller bearings.    Kit..
Ex Tax: $52.55
Front shock VW Beetle 1953 to 1967 & VW Karmann Ghia 1956 to 1965
This is a specific shock for the front of your Beetle or Karmann Ghia ad best suited to stock car..
Ex Tax: $74.48
Ignition switch VW Beetle 1972 to 1974 1/2 also VW Karmann Ghia and VW Type 3's
Ignition Switch for 1972-74 1/2 Beetle, Super Beetle, Karmann Ghia, and Type 3 ,   ..
Ex Tax: $19.69
Fuel Pump Pushrod 110mm long.
These often get worn on the tip, and get shorter, reducing fuel volume.    Bewa..
Ex Tax: $5.89
Bosch 02 086 Condenser, 1 237 330 280
This Bosch fits 009 and 050 Distributors. Normally you can get by without changing this for a whi..
Ex Tax: $33.01
VW Fuse 16amp
Original style VW Ceramic Fuses are rated at 16 amps and are sold each.   The 16 amp..
Ex Tax: $1.20
Tail end for Fuel Pressure regulator
These are the fittings needed when using the fuel pressure regulator we supply   The..
Ex Tax: $8.88
VW Oil Pump 30mm gears and  8mm stud holes
Schadek 30mm Oil Pump, 8mm Pump Studs   This pump  fits late Type 1/2/3s with 1..
Ex Tax: $102.19
VW Cam follower Standard (Set of 8)
Never install and new camshaft without new compatible lifters. Sold as a set of 8 lifters..
Ex Tax: $112.80
VW Beetle, Kombi, Type 3 and Karmann Ghia Headlight switch (See listing for fitment)
This is a good quality switch, which mounts on the dashboard.  You pull the knob out to..
Ex Tax: $65.21
Type 3 steering dampener
VW Type 3 steering dampener  Fits all Type 3's 1961 to 1974 ..
Ex Tax: $76.57
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