Ignition system

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VW Bosch Blue Coil 12 Volt
This Bosch 12 volt ignition coil creates hotter sparks and a faster start for your VW engine and ..
Ex Tax: $135.80
12mm 3/4" reach spark plug
This is the spark plug that is needed when you are using the EMPI Performance heads or the CB Per..
Ex Tax: $11.04
Bosch Super Spark Plug VW Beetle Karmann Ghia, Type 3 and Kombi
Original Bosch spark plugs for Aircooled Volkswagnes  all Beetles, Karmann Ghias, early Komb..
Ex Tax: $5.50
Bosch 02 086 Condenser, 1 237 330 280
This Bosch fits 009 and 050 Distributors. Normally you can get by without changing this for a whi..
Ex Tax: $26.88
VW 6 Volt Coil Bosch
6 Volt ignition Coil   Made By Bosch ..
Ex Tax: $115.47
PerTronix Ignitor Ignition Kit for 009 & 050 Distributors (Electronic Points replacement)
The PerTronix Ignitor ignition kit is a drop in points replacement kit for Bosch 009 and 050 dist..
Ex Tax: $233.47
VW "009" Style Distributor Complete
"009" Style Distributor Complete The 009 distributor is a centrifugal-advance distribu..
Ex Tax: $115.89
PerTronix Points Replacement Kit, SVDA and Vac Advance Distributors
The PerTronix Ignitor ignition kit is a drop in points replacement kit for SVDA and Vac Adva..
Ex Tax: $233.47
Bosch Distributor Cap Late 03010
BOSCH 03010 Distributor Cap Tall Style    VW Parts number 113 905 207C &nbs..
Ex Tax: $29.96
Bosch 02069 Condenser
This Bosch condenser fits 021, 035  and 036 Distributors. Commonly found on V..
Ex Tax: $37.62
Bosch Points 01013 (Contact set)
Bosch 01013 points  These fit most 1968-1970 VW Beetles and Kombi’s and also Type 3’..
Ex Tax: $21.65
Bosch Points 01011 (Contact set)
Points 01011 (Contact set) Bosch quality These fit 009 distributors that we sell and most..
Ex Tax: $31.05
Bosch Distributor 034 SDVA
Bosch Distributor 034 SDVA   This is the genuine Bosch unit and stocks are low, it i..
Ex Tax: $554.36
Engine Ignition lead Wires Separators
Wire separator kit that is easy to install and give you that detailed look.   Comple..
Ex Tax: $13.04
EMPI Centrifugal Advance Distributor "009"
This is the street model EMPI "009" Copy which has similar advance curve to the old no longer ava..
Ex Tax: $183.33
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