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Crank Shaft 69mm Counterweighted and 8 doweled
This is a Brand New Forged 4140 Chromoly Counterweighted Crankshaft for for 1300cc, 1500cc and 16..
Ex Tax: $521.65
VW Engine Case Saver for M10 Head Stud
Repair stripped and worn head stud threads with these Volkswagen case saver inserts, provides a g..
Ex Tax: $3.15
Heavy Duty Aluminium Pushrods Cut to Length
Heavy Duty Aluminium Pushrods are the strongest Aluminium Push Rods available for Aircooled E..
Ex Tax: $245.38
VW Rocker Cover Gasket, Fits 1200cc (40HP) 1300cc, 1500cc and 1600cc style engines
Best quality composite OEM Style cork gaskets we can get!  Made in Germany   ..
Ex Tax: $3.30
Heavy duty EMPI cast steel oil pump cover
Heavy duty EMPI cast steel oil pump cover is tapped for a full flow oil system fits all VW pumps ..
Ex Tax: $65.41
CB Performance Heads 044 CNC Wedge Port Pair
CB Performance Heads 044 CNC Wedge Port (44 x 37.5) 94mm bore.  These heads are capable..
Ex Tax: $1,460.86
Type 3 Cooling Air Bellow
This is the rubber bellows connecting the engine to the body of your VW Type 3.    ..
Ex Tax: $56.13
Barrel Shim for 90.5mm and 92mm Cylinders .040" (1.00mm) Thick
.040" (1.00mm)  Thick Steel shims allow for adjusting deck height without machining..
Ex Tax: $28.92
Oil Hose 1/2" High temperature and High pressure
High Temperature / High Pressure Oil Hose for use with oil coolers and/or remote oil filter. ..
Ex Tax: $9.00
Gland Nut Spigot Bearing
Transmission Input Shaft Pilot Bearing (In Gland Nut),  This is inside the gland nut on ..
Ex Tax: $5.66
VW Cam follower Standard  (Set of 8)
These are the best "stock" lifters we have found for stock Type 1 camshafts, we have had outstand..
Ex Tax: $178.80
CB Performance Ball foot swivel valve adjusters, set of 8
Prevent valve stem wear caused by the side load of high lift cams and high valve spring pressure...
Ex Tax: $75.70
Vintage Speed Adjustable flange replacement gasket
Replacment Adjustable flange gasket for your Vinatge Speed Muffler ..
Ex Tax: $7.42
Pressure plate stage 1 Kennedy 1700lb 200mm.
Kennedy is the leader in clutches for Hi Performance Volkswagen Aircooled engines Pressure pl..
Ex Tax: $370.30
Main Bearing Set VW Type 1 based engine +20" on case, Standard on Crank
VW 1200-1600cc Main Bearings Set, Steel backed for extra strength , these bearings are a exc..
Ex Tax: $143.71
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