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Rubber Mounting Damper
6 x 1mm Thread each end   Sold each   These are often used to eliminate..
Ex Tax: $6.95
Big End Bearings +1.25mm (+0.50") Type 1
VW Big end (Rod Bearing) Sets, 1200 to 1600cc Engines are excellent bearings for up to around 160..
Ex Tax: $60.00
Aluminium Spring Loaded Pushrod Tube, 1300 to 1600cc engines, single with Seals
Aluminium Spring Loaded Pushrod Tube, 1300 to 1600cc engines, single with Seals These pushro..
Ex Tax: $20.43
Cylinder Head Nut 10mm
Cylinder Head Nut 10mm 15mm across the flats ..
Ex Tax: $1.52
Cam Plug Rubber
Cam Plug non-Metal for Un-Grooved Cases Type 1, 2, 3, and 4   040 101 157 seals ..
Ex Tax: $6.72
CB Performance 044™ Ultra Mag Plus (42 x 37.5) 90.5/92mm Bore
With 42 x 37.5mm Stainless Steel Valves, CNC Porting, Dual Hi-Rev Springs, Chromoly Retainers, &a..
Ex Tax: $1,684.35
Idle Cut Off Valve 12 volt
Carburettor fuel / idel cut of valve suitable for Kombi, Karmann Ghia and Type 3 and Beetle’s&n..
Ex Tax: $56.26
Carburettor Accelerator Pump Diaphragm For Empi 40-44 HPMX & Weber 40-44-48 IDF Carburetors
Application: Empi 40 HPMX Carburetors Empi 44 HPMX Carburetors Weber 40 IDF Carburetors W..
Ex Tax: $30.36
Piston Ring Set 92mm Made in the USA
Piston Ring Set, 92mm Bore, 2 X 2 X 4mm,  Rather than trusting a catalog on what you "sh..
Ex Tax: $66.36
Tail Pipe or heat exchanger exhaust Clamp for VW engines
Tail Pipe Clamp Kit  Made in the USA   Heat exchanger clamp kit from muffler to..
Ex Tax: $7.70
Complete VW Engine Hardware Kit
159 peice including Tin Screws, Locknuts, Exhaust Nuts, etc. for Type 1 style engines   ..
Ex Tax: $68.26
Engine Case Heavy Duty  "Bubble Top"  90.5/92mm
Engine Case, with 10mm head studs bosses, and spigots for  90.5/92mm cylinders Construct..
Ex Tax: $1,757.57
VW Twin Port Cylinder head complete
New complete replacement dual port cylinder head for VW Volkswagen beetle, Super Beetle (1302), K..
Ex Tax: $476.55
Barrel Shim for 90.5mm and 92mm Cylinders .020" (0.50mm) Thick
.020" (0.50mm)  Thick Steel shims allow for adjusting deck height without machining..
Ex Tax: $28.92
High Performance Stock 1.1:1 Rocker Kit
High Performance Stock 1.1:1 Rocker Kit Same quality Chromoly Rockers, high strength ground ..
Ex Tax: $316.87
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