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Intake Manifold Gasket 1300, 1500 and 1600cc Single Port
Intake Manifold Gasket for 1300, 1500 and 1600cc Single Port Sold each    T..
Ex Tax: $1.86
Electric 12V Fuel Pump Only 1.5-4 PSI
This newly designed solid state heavy-duty electronic fuel pump is a reliable and well built fuel..
Ex Tax: $100.25
EMPI W-100 Camshaft
Mild Street Performance Cam for your Air Cooled Type 1 VW Help your engine breathe easier wi..
Ex Tax: $169.55
Heavy Duty Ratio Rockers arms 1.25 ratio (set of 8)
Heavy Duty Ratio Rockers arms 1.25 ratio (set of 8) An easy and inexpensive way to get more p..
Ex Tax: $173.08
High Performance "Cut to length" Cro Mo Push rods
Chromoly push rods are lighter and stronger than regular VW steel push rods. The 3/8" t..
Ex Tax: $151.09
Flywheel Shim, 1300-1600cc Engines, .24mm (.010")
Flywheel Shim, 1300 to 1600cc style engines, .24mm (.010") This is used to take up the excess..
Ex Tax: $3.92
VW Oil Pump 21mm gear 8mm stud holes
Small passage Volkswagen Type 1 oil pump with 8mm holes for 1500-1600cc ..
Ex Tax: $92.93
Main Jet  for Solex/Brosol Carburettors  132.5
Fits all Solex and Brosol carburettors  ..
Ex Tax: $12.09
Oil Sump Screen or Strainer for all engines from 1200cc to 1300cc
Oil Sump Screen or Strainer for all engines from 1200cc to 1300cc with the 16mm pick up hole ..
Ex Tax: $14.95
Valve Adjustment Sticker (0.15mm / 0.006") for VW Beetle, Kombi, Type 3, and Karmann Ghia's
Good quality reproduction product.  Add a touch of authentic-looking period detail wi..
Ex Tax: $7.82
Oil Pump Cover Steel
VW Oil Pump Cover  Fits all 8mm stud oil pumps, good to replace your old worn pump cove..
Ex Tax: $13.80
Engine case splitter tool
Case splitter (also called crank case splitter) for all VW blocks with Beetle type oil pumps. ..
Ex Tax: $23.41
90.5mm Piston Barrel Kit (1776cc)
90.5mm X 69 Crank shaft = 1776cc This is a new set of 90.5mm VW Aircooled Type 1 Pistons and ..
Ex Tax: $434.77
VW Chromoly Flywheel Bolt Heavy Duty made by CB Performance
CB Performance Gland Nut Don't take your chances on stock Flywheel Bolt (Gland Nut) performan..
Ex Tax: $62.31
VW Rear Main Flywheel oil seal 1200cc (40HP) to 1600cc based engines Made in Germany
Also called the Crankshaft Seal or as the Rear Main oil seal Quality Silicon Seal that w..
Ex Tax: $8.77
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