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VW Rear Main Flywheel oil seal 1200cc (40HP) to 1600cc based engines Made in Germany
Also called the Crankshaft Seal or as the Rear Main oil seal Quality Silicon Seal that w..
Ex Tax: $8.77
Barrel Shim for 94mm Cylinders .030" Thick
.030" Thick Steel shims allow for adjusting deck height without machining the pistons. Correc..
Ex Tax: $28.92
VW Beetle Fuel Cap 1971 and later with threaded base
VW Beetle Fuel Cap 1971 and on with threaded base   Fits   Standard Bee..
Ex Tax: $35.22
Engine Case Heavy Duty "Bubble Top" 94mm
Engine Case, with 10mm head studs bosses, and spigots for 94mm cylinders Constructed from a h..
Ex Tax: $1,757.57
EMPI High Performance Camshaft kit W-100
This kit is a great way to buy all you need in an engine build at a discounted price as it's in a..
Ex Tax: $402.34
Tappet Screw and nut Kit
Tappet Screw adjuster and nut Kit    8mm stock size   Will for all..
Ex Tax: $56.27
Main Bearing Case Dowel Pin
This genuine VW dowel pin locates the main baring into the crank case and fits all 1200cc–..
Ex Tax: $1.33
Woodruff Key, Crankshaft Pulley On Nose of Crankshaft
This is the "key" for the pulley to the engine's crankshaft and prevents the pulley from spinning..
Ex Tax: $2.40
VW Generator and Alternator Stand Oil Deflector Plate
This fits between case and stand   40hp 1200cc to 1600cc Engines,    ..
Ex Tax: $3.53
Main Jet  for Solex/Brosol Carburettors  132.5
Fits all Solex and Brosol carburettors  ..
Ex Tax: $12.09
Oil Sump Screen or Strainer for all VW engines from 1200cc to 1300cc
Oil Sump Screen or Strainer for all engines from 1200cc to 1300cc with the 16mm pick up hole3Will..
Ex Tax: $14.95
Valve Adjustment Sticker (0.15mm / 0.006") for VW Beetle, Kombi, Type 3, and Karmann Ghia's
Good quality reproduction product.  Add a touch of authentic-looking period detail wi..
Ex Tax: $7.82
VW 87mm Piston Barrel Kit (1641cc) Quality Option
Made by Mahle in Brazil This is a new set of Big Bore 87mm Type 1 pistons and cylinders. This..
Ex Tax: $405.09
Oil Pump Cover Steel
VW Oil Pump Cover  Fits all 8mm stud oil pumps, good to replace your old worn pump cove..
Ex Tax: $13.80
Engine case splitter tool
Case splitter (also called crank case splitter) for all VW blocks with Beetle type oil pumps. ..
Ex Tax: $23.41
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