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Weber IDF or HPMX Carburetor Base gaskets Pair
Weber IDF 40/44 or HPMX Carburetor Base gaskets sold as a pair. ..
Ex Tax: $5.82
Bolt-On aluminium cam gear
This Bolt-On aluminium cam gear cam is made from high quality aluminium and precision ma..
Ex Tax: $90.89
Motul 3000 Plus 4T 20w 50 Mineral Oil 1 Ltr
Motul 3000 Plus 4T 20w 50 Mineral Oil 1 Ltr pack (Also sold in 4 Ltr packs) This is the o..
Ex Tax: $12.50
Vintage Speed Muffler for Type 3 Volkswagens
Vintage Speed Stainless steel Exhaust for Type 3's suits all 1300 to 1600  based engines, wi..
Ex Tax: $782.60
VW Fuel Pump Type 1 Based engines
Mechanical Fuel Pump, 1962 to 1979 Beetle, all Type 3's Kombi 1960 to 1979 with Type 1 Based engi..
Ex Tax: $46.30
Fuel Filter in tank Made In Germany
Fuel Filter, in tank   Made in Germany   Fits:  Beetle 1947..
Ex Tax: $18.20
Barrel Shim for 85.5 and 87mm Cylinders .020" Thick (0.50mm)
Barrel Shim for 85.5 and 87mm Cylinders  .020" Thick (0.50mm)  Sold as a Set of..
Ex Tax: $28.92
VW Oil Pressure Relief Valve and Spring Kit, Dual Relief
Heavy duty oil pressure relief valves and springs for dual-relief cases. ..
Ex Tax: $14.18
Flywheel Shim, 1300-1600cc Engines, 0.32mm
Flywheel Shim, 1300 to 1600cc style engines,  0.32mm  This is used to take up the e..
Ex Tax: $3.92
Intake Manifold Gasket for VW Twin Port Engines
Intake Manifold Gasket for Twin Port Engines that are Type 1 based fitted to Beetles, Kombi’s, ..
Ex Tax: $1.88
Universal 30 Row Engine Oil Cooler with -8AN Fittings + 7" Electric Fan Kit
This is what you need to safeguard you engine from overheating. The  ultra rugged and ef..
Ex Tax: $315.22
Chromoly cylinder head studs for dual port engines with 10mm studs
Chromoly cylinder head studs for dual port heads with 10mm studs. Head studs come comple..
Ex Tax: $166.63
Cam gear bolts (Set of 3)
Camshaft gear bolts for VW Volkswagen bolt on aluminum cam gears. Sold as a set of 3. Use locktit..
Ex Tax: $3.90
90˚ Oil fitting
NPT 3/8" Male x 3/8" Female. Sold each This 90˚ fitting is a low profile back and is i..
Ex Tax: $13.98
H-beam rods with VW journal 5.5" Lenght (Set of 4)
Thse are the longer 5.5" lenght rod good for the 76mm stroker crank shaft in a type 1 based engin..
Ex Tax: $528.36
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