Fuel System & Intake system

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VW Engine Gasket Set With Flywheel Seal, for 1200 (40HP)/1300/1500/1600cc Engines
Engine Gasket Set With Flywheel Seal, for 1200 (40HP)/1300/1500/1600cc Engines The Metric Nu..
Ex Tax: $42.80
Fuel filter in line all VW carburettor engines
Fuel filter in line all carburettor engines.   If you are using these for a non VW a..
Ex Tax: $5.56
Fuel pressure Regulator zinc plated 1psi to 4 psi - VW Carbureted Fuel System
Fuel pressure Regulator  1psi to 4 psi for  Carbureted Fuel System. ​Also nee..
Ex Tax: $104.96
Carburettor Accelerator Cable Nut or Heater Cable Barrel Nut
Volkswagen throttle cable clamp and barrel connector for accelerator cable and heater cable. ..
Ex Tax: $3.50
 EMPI VW Dual Port Intake Manifold Gaskets, Pair
EMPI's Dual Port Intake Manifold Gaskets are made to fit the Type 1 based dual port intake manifo..
Ex Tax: $8.45
VW Throttle cable shortening kit
Throttle cable shortening kit Helps to extend or shorten your throttle cable per your applica..
Ex Tax: $9.94
Breather Hose 12mm ID Made in Germany
Cloth braided hose. 12mm inside diamater; 20mm outside diameter. Excellent for the Type 1 ..
Ex Tax: $3.74
Idle Jets, All Weber IDF & IDA, EMPI HPMX Carburetors  (Size 0.55)
Idle Jets, All Weber IDF & IDA, EMPI HPMX Carburetors  (Size 0.55) Jets are sized in..
Ex Tax: $13.22
EMPI HPMX 40 Carburetor
Carburetor  with chrome velocity stacks Jets are .52 idles 115 Mains 200 Air..
Ex Tax: $478.56
VW Fuel Hose Original German Made Braided cloth style
5.5 mm internal diameter German cloth braided fuel/vacuum hose, sold by the 100mm increment, a&nb..
Ex Tax: $2.25
Tail end for Fuel Pressure regulator
These are the fittings needed when using the fuel pressure regulator we supply   The..
Ex Tax: $8.88
Copper Exhaust Nut
Copper Exhaust Nut M8 (For 8mm thread) Never seizes to the exhaust stud, and is 12mm across t..
Ex Tax: $1.34
Fuel Cap 1971 and later with threaded base and locking made from metal
Fuel Cap 1971 and on with threaded base  made from metal. Fits   Stand..
Ex Tax: $40.57
Fuel Tank Cap VW Beetle, KG and Type 3 1961 to 1967 and VW Kombi 1968 to 1971
Fuel Cap 70mm   Fits 1961 to 1967 VW Beetle and Karmann Ghia   1968 to ..
Ex Tax: $3,639.00
F11 Emulsion Tube, All Weber IDF & IDA, EMPI HPMX Carburetors
F11's are best used on dual carburetor applications with venturis 24-38mm.   The F11 are..
Ex Tax: $37.29
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