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VW Tin Ware Screw Cheese Head
Slotted Cheese Head Sems Screw with Flat Washer Steel Zinc   M 6 - 1.0 x 12mm ..
Ex Tax: $0.52
Black cylinder cool tin set for VW Beetles, Kombi’s and Buggy’s.
Black cylinder cool tin set for VW Beetles, Kombi’s and Buggy’s. This was designed by Vol..
Ex Tax: $56.89
Thermostat for Type 1 engines
This is the new-style thermostat for Type 1 engines, as fitted to all 1200cc–1600cc  from ..
Ex Tax: $72.63
VW Type 3 Cooling Air Bellow
This is the rubber bellows connecting the engine to the body of your VW Type 3.    ..
Ex Tax: $56.13
Oil cooler for VW Beetle Kombi with "Dog House" shroud Type 1 engines
Oil cooler for Beetle or Kombi with "Dog House" shroud Type 1 engines. (Up right fan shroud with ..
Ex Tax: $178.08
VW Alternator/Generator Pulley Shim
VW Alternator/Generator Pulley Shim Also Used for Shimming the Cooling Fan to Eliminate any R..
Ex Tax: $0.73
Woodruff Key, Crankshaft Pulley On Nose of Crankshaft
This is the "key" for the pulley to the engine's crankshaft and prevents the pulley from spinning..
Ex Tax: $2.40
Spark Plug Wire Seal
All Models   This seal keeps critical cooling air in the fan shroud where it cools y..
Ex Tax: $2.40
Fan Belt Type 3
Fan Belt to Suit Type 3 engines ..
Ex Tax: $18.85
Air Bellow Clamp Large for Type 3
This is the clamp that holds the bellow on the large end. You also may need the small end (Parts ..
Ex Tax: $25.50
Valve Adjustment Sticker (0.15mm / 0.006") for VW Beetle, Kombi, Type 3, and Karmann Ghia's
Good quality reproduction product.  Add a touch of authentic-looking period detail wi..
Ex Tax: $7.82
Plastic Plug Oil Breather  VW Type 3
Part number 13 in diagram Applicable Years: • Type 3 Fastback 1965-1973 ..
Ex Tax: $5.39
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