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Rebuilt Gearboxes:
Stock Gearboxes are rebuilt with everything needed for a proper rebuild. All Gaskets, Seals, Bearings, Synchro's, Re Bushed Gear Carriers (when needed), all gears are parts are cleaned and checked for cracks before these are assembled and painted. 
Freeway Flyer Transmissions are geared taller so that you can cruise the freeways at lower RPM's without stressing out your engine at high RPM's. Pro- Street Gearboxes (Transmissions) come with: Super Diff, HD Side Cover, Welded Hubs, Steel Shift Forks, Hardened Keys and of course the full rebuild.  
Swing Axle style gearboxes are sold without axles. 


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Type 3 Drive Shaft complete Automatic Left Hand Side
Type 3 Drive Shaft complete Automatic only Left Hand Side EMPI's drive axle assemblies are a..
Ex Tax: $297.13
VW IRS Gear box for VW Beetle Type 3 and Karmann Ghia
This is a great gearbox for any VW Beetle, KG, Type 3 that is running a good 1600 to 1776cc or 18..
Ex Tax: $1,996.82
Shift Rod Coupling Square Cage style VW Beetle, Kombi, 1968 and on, Type 3 1964 and on
This is located under the access plate under the rear seat. It connects the shift rod to the..
Ex Tax: $16.60
Release Bearing Guide VW Beetle and Kombi 1971 on
Fixes onto the gearbox bell housing with 3 bolts. Used for guiding later style release bearings. ..
Ex Tax: $8.00
VW Gearbox Axle Shim Gasket
Axle tube gaskets are used on vw swing axle transmissions between the case and the 6 bolt flange ..
Ex Tax: $4.64
Motul HD 80w 90 Gearbox Mineral Oil 1 Ltr
Motul  HD  80W90 is a high-quality mineral hypoid gear oil for manual transmissions, fi..
Ex Tax: $22.50
VW Axle Seal Kit Swing Axle (Made in Germany)
Here's everything needed to re-seal your rear axles. Made in Germany Each kit includes on..
Ex Tax: $9.27
Clutch cable adjusting Wing Nut
This is used on almost all air-cooled VW's that use a clutch cable. Includes Beetle, Type 3..
Ex Tax: $6.51
VW Gearbox Saddle Mount
1949 to 1972  Beetle 1950 to 1967 Kombi, 1964 to 1973 Type 3 Excellent to chang..
Ex Tax: $19.70
Clutch Release Bearing Early Style Economy Version
Fits all Beetle's, Kombi's, Karmann Ghia's and Type 3's up to 1970 Economy Version The ..
Ex Tax: $53.38
Clutch Cable Conduit Beetle to 1974 All Type 3 and Karmann Ghia
Clutch Cable Conduit Beetle to 1974 Also called Clutch Cable Bowden Tube/Sleeve This..
Ex Tax: $24.74
Seal gearbox nose cone to body
Fits: Beetle 1953 to 1979 Kombi 1960 1967 Karmann Ghia 1956 to 1974 Type 3 1962 to 1973..
Ex Tax: $25.32
Chromoly Axle Spacers VW Swing Axle
Replace old worn out axle baring spacers with new hardened ones. Designed To Replace Factory..
Ex Tax: $60.70
Starter Motor Bush 12 Volt Starter Motor and 6 Volt transmission
Press these Bronze Bushings adapter into the gear box to support the starter motor shaft if ..
Ex Tax: $8.89
Gearbox Gasket Set, All Swing And IRS Gearboxes
Gearbox Gasket Set, All Swing And IRS Gearboxes Beetle up to '79  KG up to '74  ..
Ex Tax: $31.16
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