Rear Brakes

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VW Brake Light Switch 2 Pin
This is the switch that turns the brake lights on when there is pressure in the brake system. ..
Ex Tax: $38.90
Brake Hose Rear VW Beetle Kombi Karmann Ghia and Type 3
Brake Hose Rear VW Beetle, Kombi, Type 3, Karmann Ghia. Beetle up 1954 to 1971 Both Sides (Sw..
Ex Tax: $22.75
Brake Backing Plate Bung VW Beetle, Type 3, Karmann Ghia and Kombi
Brake Backing Plate Dust Plug, 1968+ T1&3 and 1974-92 ..
Ex Tax: $2.64
Rear Brake Drum VW Type 3 1966 to 1974
Rear Brake Drum Type 3 1966 to 1974 Also fits VW 411 and 412 Rear brakes ..
Ex Tax: $137.98
Rear Disc brake kit for swing axle VW Beetle (And will fit Kombi’s with straight axle conversions)
An affordable and durable alternative to billet racing brakes is here. No need for adapte..
Ex Tax: $1,278.06
Brake Hose VW Beetle Rear 1971 and on,  VW Kombi 1968 to 1979 and Type 3 1969 to 1973
Brake Hose Rear Beetle 1971 and on (IRS rear axle)   Left Rear Kombi 1968 to 19..
Ex Tax: $21.70
Wheel adaptors Pair Chev to 4 Bolt Volkswagen
These adapters allow you to mount Chevy 5-bolt pattern rims (4 3/4" pattern, 7/16" thread) t..
Ex Tax: $146.99
Brake Proportioning Valve
Knob style proportioning valve enables you to adjust front to rear brake bias with a twist of a k..
Ex Tax: $103.11
VW Brake Hose Clip
Brake Hose Bracket Clip, Front or Rear Sold Each Fits all models  ..
Ex Tax: $2.10
Rear Brake Shoes Type 3 1961 to 1973  (Also fit 411's)
Rear Brake Shoes Type 3 1961 to 1973 also 411 and 412 Volkswagens Never EVER re-use brake sho..
Ex Tax: $75.09
Hand Brake Cable Type 3 1965 to 1967
This is a replacement cable for the ones that have snapped, or the more common failure of Stretch..
Ex Tax: $39.94
Wheel Cylinder, Rear 1966 to 1974 Type 3 and 4’s
This is a great quality wheel cylinder. We have no qualms about using Brazilian Hydraulic Brake P..
Ex Tax: $44.20
VW Type 3 Rear Brake Spring Hard Ware Kit
When installing new brake shoes or your Type 3, we recommend you replace the hardware as well to ..
Ex Tax: $28.55
VW Wheel Bolt M12 X 1.5mm (Stock Wheel Bolt for Steel Wheels)
This is the stock Style wheel bolt for your pre 1967 VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia and Type 3  ..
Ex Tax: $6.20
EMPI Replacement Brake Pads for Rear Disc Brake Kits (Listed)
These replacement brake pads are for use with 22-6123-B & 22-6124-B side inlet calipers...
Ex Tax: $62.57
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