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Generator or Alternator Pulley 12 Volt Made In Germany
Will fit all all 12 volt Generators, All 12 volt Alternators and 105mm diameter 6V Generator..
Ex Tax: $35.45
Brake Spring Hardware Kit Rear 1958 to 1967 Beetle and Karmann Ghia
Brake Spring Hardware Kit Rear Beetle 1958 to 1967 and Karmann Ghia 1958 to 1965 ..
Ex Tax: $16.61
Front Stone Guard Trim Stainless Steel for Beetle
Front Stone Guard Trim, Stainless Steel for Beetle, Pair, with Plastic Trim   These ..
Ex Tax: $42.70
Sand Seal Pulley Kit  Bolt-In Type
Sand seal pulley kit  5-Hole style and comes with black degree numbers and marks. ..
Ex Tax: $176.98
Oil Pressure switch made by Hella
On older engines this switch may cause minor oil leak, and when he no longer works for major engi..
Ex Tax: $18.58
Rear Axle Nut Flanged
Rear flanged axle nut.  Will work on IRS as well as swing axle.    Be ..
Ex Tax: $15.99
Fuel Tank Sending VW Beetle 1971 and on
Fuel Tank Sending Beetle 1971 and on   Suits all Super Beetles 1302 and 1303 models ..
Ex Tax: $123.40
Battery Isolator Switch
Great for when you store your Volkswagen over the winter, or for any lenghty time, as it will iso..
Ex Tax: $29.30
VW Hubcap Clip and Rivet for Wide 5 rims
Hubcap Clip and Rivet for Wide 5 Wheels, allows you to replace the broken hubcap clips on your 5 ..
Ex Tax: $3.30
Big End Bearings +0.50mm (+0.20") Type 1
VW Big end (Rod Bearing) Sets, 1200 to 1600cc Engines are excellent bearings for up to around 160..
Ex Tax: $29.07
Pushrod Tube Seal Type 1 based engines
Pushrod Tube Seal Type 1 based engines These are the same high quality push rod tube seals in..
Ex Tax: $1.43
Tie Rod Center  Link 1971 to 1974 VW Super Beetle
Tie Rod Center  Link 1971 to 1974 Super Beetle     ..
Ex Tax: $170.64
Main Bearing Set Type 1 based engine +20" on case, -30" on Crank
1200-1600cc Main Bearings Set, Steel backed for extra strength , these bearings are a excellent b..
Ex Tax: $89.57
Heater Cable VW Beetle Long 1425mm
Heater Cable VW Beetle Long 1425mm Fits Beetle 1968 to 1979 This is the cable to is opera..
Ex Tax: $10.13
Wheel Bearing Grease Cap with Hole VW Beetle up to 1967
Left side   Fits    Beetle 1949 to 1967    Karma..
Ex Tax: $16.03
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