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Left Hand Rear Floor Pan panel VW Beetle all years
Nice thick steel that is easy to weld and repair a common rust area. ..
Ex Tax: $99.89
VW Beetle 1956 to 1959 Door Handle with Keys
This is the "Refrigerator Door" style handle that you simply pull, no button to push. Comes w..
Ex Tax: $71.20
Heat Exchanger (Heater Box), Heavy Duty Pair 1300 to 1600cc VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia and Kombi
These are the highest quality heater boxes available currently. Finned on the inside, NOT "Ra..
Ex Tax: $598.99
Barrel Shim for 85.5 and 87mm Cylinders .040" Thick (1.00mm)
Barrel Shim for 85.5 and 87mm Cylinders .040" Thick (1.00mm)  Sold as a Set of 4 Shi..
Ex Tax: $28.92
Woodruff Key, Crankshaft Pulley On Nose of Crankshaft
This is the "key" for the pulley to the engine's crankshaft and prevents the pulley from spinning..
Ex Tax: $2.40
Oil Hose 1/2" High temperature and High pressure
High Temperature / High Pressure Oil Hose for use with oil coolers and/or remote oil filter. ..
Ex Tax: $10.90
VW 6 Volt Generator Bosch
This is a rebuilt Bosch 6 volt Generator to a high standard. Will not fit Type 3's ..
Ex Tax: $392.19
Speedo Cable for VW Beetles 1302 and 1303's and all VW Karmann Ghia's
1302 and 1303 Right hand drive only Karmann Ghia until 1972 Right hand drive only &nbs..
Ex Tax: $43.89
Heater Cable for 1963 to 1967 Beetle
This is the cable that runs from your heater control knob thru the heater cable tube, to the heat..
Ex Tax: $9.84
Interior Door pull surround Late Beetle, Kombi, Karmann Ghia and all Type 3's
Door pull surround will fit either side on VW Beetles from 1968 to 1974, Kombi 1973 to 1979, Type..
Ex Tax: $5.06
VW Oil filler cap gasket
Fits all Beetles , Kombi’s Karmann Ghia’s and Type 3’s   Will not fit Kombi’..
Ex Tax: $3.41
Front shock VW Beetle 1953 to 1967 & VW Karmann Ghia 1956 to 1965
This is a specific shock for the front of your Beetle or Karmann Ghia ad best suited to stock car..
Ex Tax: $74.48
Right hand Mirror VW Beetle 1968 and on and Type 3 1962 and on Cheap option
Right hand Mirror Beetle 1968 and on and Type 3 1962 and on Cheap option This is the che..
Ex Tax: $40.50
Front Quarter Glass Seal Right Beetle 1968 on
This is the front Quarter light seal for the Right and fits VW Beetles from 1968 on but excluding..
Ex Tax: $60.42
Hardened Lash Caps for 8mm and 9mm Valves Set of 8
These are small steel "hats" that fit on the end of the valve, and these wear out instead of your..
Ex Tax: $34.04
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