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Ignition Switch for Euro Beetles 1972 and on and Brazilian Kombi's
Also known as the Euro Switch ..
Ex Tax: $147.71
36HP Oil Strainer Gasket Kit Beetle 1950 to 1960 and Kombi 1950 to 1960
Oil Strainer Gasket Kit, 36hp Engines,    These are a must to keep in the ..
Ex Tax: $5.73
Gudgeon Bush 1200cc Type 1
Small end bush for 25 and 36 and 40HP Engines that have the 20mm Gudgeon Pin   Sold ..
Ex Tax: $10.39
Caster Shim Kit (Caster Shims), Pair
These are slipped behind the lower axle beam tube  VW Beetles and Ghias, to increase the amo..
Ex Tax: $28.55
VW Piston Ring Set 87mm Piston  (1641cc)
Piston Ring Set 87mm (1641cc) 2mm Top ring 2mm Middle ring   5mm Oil ri..
Ex Tax: $45.50
Distributor cap 36 HP for VW Beetle and Kombi and Porsche 356
Fits early 36HP distributors and also Porsche 356 Distributors Genuine Bosch Also see the..
Ex Tax: $72.55
VW Beetle 1953 to 1960 Fuse Box (4 Fuse)
A quality replacement fuse box to complete your restoration on your early VW Beetle ..
Ex Tax: $32.29
VW 6 Volt Horn Made in Germany
A great quality 6 Volt horn, good for any replacement or restoration   Suitable for ..
Ex Tax: $73.08
VW Vent wing window pivot rivet and washer
Secures vent window to upper bracket, includes fiber washer, fits all Beetles from Oct’52 to 19..
Ex Tax: $2.76
Thread Sealant 50mls
LOCTITE 567 Off-white, low disassembly strength methacrylate thread sealant, ideal for seali..
Ex Tax: $29.57
VW Camshaft Bearing Set Type 1 1200cc to 1600cc 0.25mm Oversize
.25mm (.010") Oversize Cam Bearings, Type 1 Based Engines,    These are used to..
Ex Tax: $22.11
VW BOSCH Starter motor 12 Volt (Refurbished)
Refurbished Starter motor.   VW Beetle, Type 3, Kombi’s and Karmann Ghia’s &..
Ex Tax: $285.32
Distributor Drive Pinion Washers (Pinion Shims), VW Type 1, 2, and 3 Engines
Distributor Drive Pinion Washers (Pinion Shims), Type 1, 2, and 3 Engines (Does NOT fit Type 4 En..
Ex Tax: $1.61
VW Full Flow Oil Pump Cover, 3/8" NPT Female, Finned Aluminium
Made by Bugpack Full Flow Oil Pump Cover, 3/8" NPT Female, Finned Aluminum all VW oil pumps.&..
Ex Tax: $48.56
Tail Pipe or heat exchanger exhaust Clamp for VW engines
Tail Pipe Clamp Kit  Made in the USA   Heat exchanger clamp kit from muffler to..
Ex Tax: $7.70
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