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Solex Carburetor Base Gasket, 28 to 30 PICT and 30/31
Solex Carburetor Base Gasket, 28 to 30 PICT and 30/31   N127761 or N137991 is a new ..
Ex Tax: $2.00
VW Alternator/Generator Backing Plate Tin, Black, 3 Pieces
This is the 3 piece tin (Inside, Outside, and Spacer) kit that bolts to your alternator or genera..
Ex Tax: $39.44
5 Pin Relay socket with wires (Hard Start Relay loom)
Pre-wired relay socket for use with 12V Bosch type five terminal relays.    Thr..
Ex Tax: $13.49
VW Doghouse Cooling Fan (Wide Fan)
Mexican made for 1971 and on upright Engines This is the wider cooling fan used on Upright Do..
Ex Tax: $65.21
Engine Case Saver for M10 Head Stud and 1/2" OD saver (See recommendations for use)
For positive repair of stripped threads for vw case studs or used just as a preventive measure on..
Ex Tax: $4.98
H4 Halogen Bulb 12V 60/55W
This H4 halogen bulb Rated as 12v 60/55w, fits VW Beetles 1973 on T2 Bays from 1973 to 1979 ..
Ex Tax: $18.57
10mm Valve Adjusting Screw, 1.8 and 2.0L VW Type 4 Engines
10mm Valve Adjusting Screw, 1.8 and 2.0L Type 4 Engines These are NOT the cheap adjusting scr..
Ex Tax: $8.80
Brake Reservoir cap Kombi to 1967 and Vanagaon/T25 1980 to 1990
Fits Kombi’s up to 1967 and Vanagon’s/T25 1980 to 1990 ..
Ex Tax: $11.80
Twin Port Manifold Boot VW Beetle 1300,1600cc 1971 on  and VW Kombi 1600cc 1971 to 1979
This is the top quality replacement twin port manifold boot for 1300cc, 1500cc and 1600cc aircool..
Ex Tax: $9.88
Kombi Type 4 (1700cc, 1800cc and 2000cc engines) Service Pack
This is the kit you need when carrying out a service on you beloved Kombi that is fitted with a T..
Ex Tax: $75.06
Wiper Shaft 1968 to 1979 VW Kombi Left or Right Hand side
Wiper spindle fits VW Kombi from 1968 to 1979.    If you have an early VW Kombi..
Ex Tax: $69.45
Distributor Drive Spring (Anti-Chatter Spring)
Helps keep tension pushing the distrubutor against the drive pinion to prevent it from poppi..
Ex Tax: $1.75
Throttle Linkage Upgrade Kit Kombi 1955 to 1967 (RHD)
Does your throttle feel rough to the touch, when you press down do you hear squeaks, or does the ..
Ex Tax: $303.46
Tail pipe to muffler gasket VW Kombi 1972 and on with Type 4 Engine Fitted
Tail pipe to muffler gasket.   Fits all Kombi’s with 1700cc, 1800cc and 2000cc Typ..
Ex Tax: $9.82
VW Heat Exchanger Lever Kit Right Hand Side
VW Heat Exchanger Lever Kit Right Hand Side Fit's all beetles with engines from 1962 and on a..
Ex Tax: $26.24
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