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Brake Fluid Reservoir Cap VW Beetle 1954 to 1960 and VW Kombi 1950 to 1960
Brake fluid reservoir cap.    Fits all VW Beetles from 1954 to 1960 and VW Komb..
Ex Tax: $10.44
PerTronix Ignitor Ignition Kit for 009 & 050 Distributors (Electronic Points replacement)
The PerTronix Ignitor ignition kit is a drop in points replacement kit for Bosch 009 and 050 dist..
Ex Tax: $233.47
Vintage Speed VW Beetle and Kombi up to 1967 Muffler Header Tubes with Heat Riser Ports
Vintage Speed VW Beetle and Kombi up to 1967 Muffler Header Tubes with Heat Riser Ports  ..
Ex Tax: $133.57
Chromoly cylinder head studs for VW dual port engines with 8mm studs
Chromoly cylinder head studs for dual port heads with 8mm studs. Head studs come complet..
Ex Tax: $127.49
Handbrake Knob VW Kombi 1968 to 1979
For a totally authentic look, replace your cracked or worn out handbrake handle with our Quality ..
Ex Tax: $55.05
Valve Adjustment Sticker (0.15mm / 0.006") for VW Beetle, Kombi, Type 3, and Karmann Ghia's
Good quality reproduction product.  Add a touch of authentic-looking period detail wi..
Ex Tax: $7.82
Perforated Vinyl Headliner Off White VW Kombi 1972 to 1979
Quality TMI product.  Perforated vinyl in off-white. The same material as was originall..
Ex Tax: $726.66
Fuel Gauge VW Kombi 1968 to 1973
This Grey Faced fuel gauge is a replacement part for VW Kombi's built from 1968 to 1973. W..
Ex Tax: $116.02
HD Mainshaft Bearing Thrust Plate for VW Type 1 Transmissions
HD Mainshaft Bearing Thrust Plate, Type 1 & 3 1961 to 1977 eliminates movement of the main sh..
Ex Tax: $44.54
Stock Flywheel, 200mm, 12 Volt, 4 Dowel, Economy.
Stock Flywheel, 200mm, 12 Volt, 4 Dowel, Economy.  This is a good quality flywheel for s..
Ex Tax: $151.43
Number Plate Light Boot VW Kombi 1959 to 1967
This is the rubber boot that fits over the rear number plate light. These fit all VW Kombi's from..
Ex Tax: $26.46
VW Oil Cooler Seal, 8x8 mm, Non-Doghouse Upright Engines
Oil cooler seals are confusing. This is the seal used on in the shroud non-doghouse coolers, ..
Ex Tax: $1.10
VW 87mm Piston Barrel Kit (1641cc) Quality Option
Made by Mahle in Brazil This is a new set of Big Bore 87mm Type 1 pistons and cylinders. This..
Ex Tax: $405.09
Accelerator Pedal to fits Left or Right Hand Drive for VW Kombi’s  1973 to 1979
Nice replacement pedal for your VW Kombi, made from metal and to a high standard.   ..
Ex Tax: $14.47
Oil Pump Cover Steel
VW Oil Pump Cover  Fits all 8mm stud oil pumps, good to replace your old worn pump cove..
Ex Tax: $13.80
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