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Side Door Handle with  Keys Kombi 1955 to 1967
This chrome plated door handle is supplied complete with two keys. These fit either side sid..
Ex Tax: $42.35
Tail Light Assembly for VW Kombi in US Spec All Red with Single bulb "Stop Tail" set up
1962 to 1971 Kombi’s and is the entire assembly, of these often cracked and destroyed units. ..
Ex Tax: $61.28
6 Volt Generator Bosch
This is a rebuilt Bosch 6 volt Generator to a high standard. Will not fit Type 3's ..
Ex Tax: $392.19
VW Aluminium Timing Scale to suit Type 4 Engines
This is a precision machined from aluminium, and is the only way to get accurate timing on the Ty..
Ex Tax: $47.57
Flywheel Shim, 1300-1600cc Engines, 0.32mm
Flywheel Shim, 1300 to 1600cc style engines,  0.32mm  This is used to take up the e..
Ex Tax: $3.92
Headlamp Late Kombi and Beetle, see listing for applications
This best quality H4 headlamp unit fits all Kombi 1968 and on, Beetles from 1973 to 1979.  ..
Ex Tax: $106.22
Sliding Door Roller Wheel Kombi's 1968 to 1979 with sliding side doors & T25’s/Vanagon’s from 1979 to 1985
Over time, roller wheels can deteriorate and cause problems opening and closing your side door on..
Ex Tax: $52.57
Fuel filler neck seal VW Kombi up to 1967
Fits to the top of the filler neck.   VW Kombi up to 1967 ..
Ex Tax: $30.00
Rear Brake Drum for Kombi 1964  to 1967
This is a replacement rear brake drum for Kombi 1964  to 1967 These are the best quality..
Ex Tax: $248.57
TMN Booster Pack E-Plus™
TMN Booster Pack E-Plus™  This kit is designed to be fitted to pre 1967 Kombi's with f..
Ex Tax: $1,387.57
Dash Board Heater Levers Kombi 1974 to 1979
Tidy up your dash board. Replace those faded or blocked heater sliders, with these new ones. Set ..
Ex Tax: $28.30
Flywheel O-ring for Type 4 VW 1.7-2.0 Engines
O-ring for flywheels for Kombi and T25 Will fit 1700-2000cc Type 4 Aircooled engines and T25 1.9/..
Ex Tax: $2.53
Throttle Linkage Upgrade Kit Kombi 1969 to 1972 (RHD)
Does your throttle feel rough to the touch, when you press down do you hear squeaks, or does the ..
Ex Tax: $263.15
Rubber cushion for steering column clamp bracket Kombi 1952 to 1967
This is the upper rubber steering column bush for Kombi’s 1952 to 1967 ..
Ex Tax: $28.55
Fuel Pump Pushrod 110mm long.
These often get worn on the tip, and get shorter, reducing fuel volume.    Bewa..
Ex Tax: $5.89
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