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VW Kombi Link Pin Bush 1955 to 1963 (Replaces Bearing shell and Needle bearing cage)
This bushing replaced the bearing shell and needle roller caged bearing with a brass bushing that..
Ex Tax: $23.55
Number plate Lamp Bulb 12 Volt
This number plate lightbulb 12 Volt 5w is for VW Kombi 1950 to 1967 and VW Beetle 1946 to 1967 th..
Ex Tax: $4.20
Distributor rotor 36 HP for VW Beetle and Kombi and Porsche 356
Fits early 36HP distributors and also Porsche 356 Distributors ( Bosch 010 and 019 Distribut..
Ex Tax: $49.64
VW Hub Cap No Logo (Smoothie) for the Wide Five Wheel
This Chrome 'Smoothie' Hubcap is compatible with 5 Bolt wheels (5 X 205).    So..
Ex Tax: $61.90
Front Brake Hose VW Kombi 1968 to 1970 and Brazlian Kombi's
Length 460mm. Fits either side on Kombi’s with front drum brakes 1968 to 1970, and Brazlian mad..
Ex Tax: $28.82
Fuse Box - 8 Fuse VW Kombi 1960 to 1967
Excellent quality 8 fuse, fuse box. Fits VW Kombi Busses from 1960 to 1967 ..
Ex Tax: $72.64
VW Kombi Lower A Pillar Above First Hinge Left Side
Fits VW Kombi’s 1955 to 1967 Left hand side   Made by Klassic Fab   ..
Ex Tax: $169.88
Intake Valve for VW Type 4 Engines 39.3mm
Intake Valve, 39.3 x 8 x 117mm, 1972-75 Type 4 Engines (1700/1800), 1970 to 1973 Type 4 (1700), 1..
Ex Tax: $26.55
VW Muffler Fitting Kit 1200 to 1600 Style engines
Muffler Fitting Kit for Beetle Kombi mufflers that are 1200cc to 1600cc based engines from 1961 a..
Ex Tax: $31.60
Engine Windage tray Used
Engine Windage tray  Fits in side your engine and reduces oil surge  (Can onl..
Ex Tax: $10.00
Alloy Wheel Stud and Nut Kit For EMPI 5 Spoke Wheel (American Egale Made)
These are shouldered nuts (which help center the rim). The shoulder allows penetration throug..
Ex Tax: $24.50
Threaded oil plug gallery kit
This kit is the first step to any quality engine build. By installing this 12-peice oil ..
Ex Tax: $33.51
35.5mm Stainless Steel Valve
Stainless Steel Valve, 35.5mm (35.5mm is also the stock Inlet size for the 1500 and 1600 Engines)..
Ex Tax: $40.46
Fresh Air hose VW 1200cc to 1600cc based engines
German made Flexible black heater hose (Tube) which runs from your fan&n..
Ex Tax: $9.80
Brake Master Cylinder Kombi 1968 and on with servo brakes
For use on Bay Window Buses with a brake servo. This is also the master cylinder we recommend..
Ex Tax: $204.14
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