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Cab Step Rubber Right Side VW Kombi 1973 to 1979
Cab Step Rubber Right Side VW Kombi 1973 to 1979 ..
Ex Tax: $14.44
VW Kombi Link Pin Bush 1955 to 1963 (Replaces Bearing shell and Needle bearing cage)
This bushing replaced the bearing shell and needle roller caged bearing with a brass bushing that..
Ex Tax: $23.55
Number plate Lamp Bulb 12 Volt
This number plate lightbulb 12 Volt 5w is for VW Kombi 1950 to 1967 and VW Beetle 1946 to 1967 th..
Ex Tax: $4.20
Cab Door Handle Gasket (Small) for VW Kombi 1969 to 1979
This is the cab door handle gasket (small) for VW Kombi 1969 to 1979 ..
Ex Tax: $1.52
Head Lamp Park Light Bulb Holder VW Beetle 1973 On and VW Kombi 1973 to 1979 that use the Semi sealed headlamp
This Hella quality bulb holder for the side light on the headlamp we supply here….. German ..
Ex Tax: $11.06
Glove Box liner Volkswagen Kombi 1968 and on Original Cardboard Style
This is a great new find, this is a cardboard glove box, original VW Brazil just like the origina..
Ex Tax: $75.73
VW Kombi Link Pin Set 1952 to 1963
Link Pin Set, 1952 to 1963 Kombi’s These are needed on most old VW Busses, since nobody bot..
Ex Tax: $358.27
HD Mainshaft Bearing Thrust Plate for VW Type 2 1968 to 1979 Transmissions
HD Mainshaft Bearing Thrust Plate, Type 2 1968 to 1979, this eliminates movement of the main shaf..
Ex Tax: $49.88
VW Muffler Fitting Kit 1200 to 1600 Style engines
Muffler Fitting Kit for Beetle Kombi mufflers that are 1200cc to 1600cc based engines from 1961 a..
Ex Tax: $31.60
Engine Windage tray
Engine Windage tray  Fits in side your engine and reduces oil surge  (Can onl..
Ex Tax: $10.00
Alloy Wheel Stud and Nut Kit For EMPI 5 Spoke Wheel (American Egale Made)
These are shouldered nuts (which help center the rim). The shoulder allows penetration throug..
Ex Tax: $24.50
Threaded oil plug gallery kit
This kit is the first step to any quality engine build. By installing this 12-peice oil ..
Ex Tax: $33.51
35.5mm Stainless Steel Valve
Stainless Steel Valve, 35.5mm (35.5mm is also the stock Inlet size for the 1500 and 1600 Engines)..
Ex Tax: $40.46
Fresh Air hose VW 1200cc to 1600cc based engines
German made Flexible black heater hose (Tube) which runs from your fan&n..
Ex Tax: $9.80
Brake Master Cylinder Kombi 1968 and on with servo brakes
For use on Bay Window Buses with a brake servo. This is also the master cylinder we recommend..
Ex Tax: $204.14
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