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85.5mm Piston Barrel Kit (1600cc) Quality Version
Quality Mahle made piston barrel kit, the original supplier back in the day to VW, and considered..
Ex Tax: $402.48
85.5mm Piston Barrel Kit (1600cc)
This is a new set of standard 85.5mm Type 1 pistons and cylinders. This kit requires no machine w..
Ex Tax: $255.00
Engine Gasket Set With Flywheel Seal, for 1200 (40HP)/1300/1500/1600cc Engines
Engine Gasket Set With Flywheel Seal, for 1200 (40HP)/1300/1500/1600cc Engines The Metric Nu..
Ex Tax: $35.70
Top End Engine Rebuild Kit for Type 1 Twin Port Engines
Money saving bundle kit.   Includes:   1 X 85.5mm piston and cylinder s..
Ex Tax: $986.96
Fuel filter in line all carburettor engines
Fuel filter in line all carburettor engines.   Clear so you can keep a eye on the co..
Ex Tax: $5.56
Muffler Fitting Kit 1200 to 1600 Style engines
Muffler Fitting Kit for Beetle Kombi mufflers that are 1200cc to 1600cc based engines from 1961 a..
Ex Tax: $31.60
Pressure plate stage 1 Kennedy 1700lb 200mm.
Kennedy is the leader in clutches for Hi Performance Volkswagen Aircooled engines Pressure pl..
Ex Tax: $370.30
Cam follower with extra oil hole (Set of 8)
Made from one piece Chromoly billets and then precision ground and heat treated. These are t..
Ex Tax: $128.28
Cam Follower Hydraulic Kombi 1978 to 1979 and Vanagon 1980 to 1983
For use in Type 4 engines 1700cc, 1800cc, and 2000cc that are running a hydraulic lift ..
Ex Tax: $51.86
EMPI 30 PICT-1 Carburetor for racing
EMPI Modified 30 PICT-1 Carburetor  has been designed for VW 1600cc class race engines. ..
Ex Tax: $458.83
Type 4 Crank Shaft 71mm stroke counterweighted
Brand new Porsche 914/ VW Type 4 Forged 4340 Chromoly counterweighted crankshaft. These crank..
Ex Tax: $798.57
Gasket Muffler to Heat exchanger for 1700-2000cc VW T2 Bay windows and T25 1971-1985
Located between the exhaust muffler  and the heat exchanger, this part fits all 1700cc–200..
Ex Tax: $17.43
Main Bearing Set Type 1 based engine Standard on case, -10" on Crank
1200-1600cc Main Bearings Set, Steel backed for extra strength , these bearings are a excellent b..
Ex Tax: $119.82
77mm Piston and Barrel Kit for 36hp engines
This is a set of stock 77mm VW Type 1 36HP 1200cc pistons and cylinders. Kit includes: 4 Cylind..
Ex Tax: $747.33
Brosol Solex 31 PICT 3 Carburettor (for 30 PICT and 34 PICT 3 Replacement)
This Brosol carburettor is dual arm with a 12-volt electric choke. Fits Volkswagen Beetle, K..
Ex Tax: $398.65
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