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Front Engine Tin Type 1 engine for engines with "dog House" cooler set up
  Correct fitting engine tin is necessary to maintain proper engine operating tempe..
Ex Tax: $68.18
VW Fuel Tank Outlet kit
VW Fuel Tank Outlet kit Fits VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Type 3 and Kombi from 1962 and on W..
Ex Tax: $18.20
Exhaust flange Gasket 1200cc to 1600cc Style engines
Stock replacement style Exhaust flange Gasket 1200cc to 1600cc Style engines These steel..
Ex Tax: $1.30
Barrel Shim for 90.5mm and 92mm Cylinders .030"  (0.75mm) Thick
.030" Thick     (0.75mm) Steel shims allow for adjusting deck height without machin..
Ex Tax: $28.92
Woodruff Key, Crankshaft Pulley On Nose of Crankshaft
This is the "key" for the pulley to the engine's crankshaft and prevents the pulley from spinning..
Ex Tax: $2.40
Valve Guide 8mm standard size for Beetle, Kombi and Type 3 1961 to 1979
Suits inlet or exhaust on 1200cc (40HP) 1300cc, 1500cc, 1600cc based engines   Silic..
Ex Tax: $17.93
Weber IDF Multi Carb Rebuild Kit (fits 40, 44, & 48 and EMPI HPMX Carburettors)
Complete Rebuild / Overhaul Kit for Weber 40-44-48 IDF Carburetors (also Empi HPMX's) This will s..
Ex Tax: $124.99
10mm Valve Adjusting Screw, 1.8 and 2.0L VW Type 4 Engines
10mm Valve Adjusting Screw, 1.8 and 2.0L Type 4 Engines These are NOT the cheap adjusting scr..
Ex Tax: $8.80
Kombi Type 4 (1700cc, 1800cc and 2000cc engines) Service Pack
This is the kit you need when carrying out a service on you beloved Kombi that is fitted with a T..
Ex Tax: $75.06
Twin Port inlet castings with Boots and Gaskets
This Twin port intake manifold end castings kit is thick enough for porting and polishing. Ma..
Ex Tax: $195.80
Main Bearing Set Type 1 based engine +20" on case, -20" on Crank
1200-1600cc Main Bearings Set, these are the steel backed bearings for extra duarabilty these bea..
Ex Tax: $103.87
Heat Exchanger Right VW Kombi 1700,1800 and 2000cc 1972 to 1978
Good quality reproduction product. Made to the same high standard as the original VW part.  ..
Ex Tax: $796.57
Clutch Release Bearing Early Style Economy Version
Fits all Beetle's, Kombi's, Karmann Ghia's and Type 3's up to 1970 Economy Version The ..
Ex Tax: $53.38
Wrist Pin Keepers -Tru-Arc Retianers
Tru-Arc Piston Pin Retainers, Sold as Set These are the clips that hold the wrist pin in plac..
Ex Tax: $15.13
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