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Carburettor Rebuild Kit, 28 PICT-1/2, 30 PICT-1/2/3, 34 PICT-3 Econo Version
Carburetor Rebuild Kit, Solex, Brosol and Bocar 28 PICT, 30 PICT, 30/31 PICT, and 34 PICT Carbure..
Ex Tax: $29.55
VW 36HP style fan shroud with "doghouse" cooler Ducting and with heater ducts
36HP style fan shroud with heater ducts. If you are going to be fitting dual carburetors..
Ex Tax: $224.19
VW Crank Pulley - Black Anodised
Crankshaft degree pulley allows you to set your timing and valve adjustments with accuracy. ..
Ex Tax: $157.25
90.5mm Piston Barrel Kit (1776cc)
90.5mm X 69 Crank shaft = 1776cc This is a new set of 90.5mm VW Aircooled Type 1 Pistons and ..
Ex Tax: $434.77
VW Twin Port Intake Manifold center section
Works with Dual Port Style Type 1 Engines. This is the inlet manifold you need when you old i..
Ex Tax: $168.55
Type 4 Crank Shaft 78mm stroke counterweighted
Brand new Porsche 914/ VW Type 4 Forged 4340 Chromoly counterweighted crankshaft. These crank..
Ex Tax: $898.57
Engine mount VW Kombi 1968 to 1971
These engine mounts fit early 1600cc VW Kombi's built from 1968 to 1971, those models with a..
Ex Tax: $31.04
VW Type 4 Kombi 1700cc, 1800cc and 2000cc Push rod tube
Type 4 Kombi 1700cc, 1800cc and 2000cc Push rod tube. Eight Required per engine. Can be fitt..
Ex Tax: $30.69
Oil return adaptor for full flow systems Type 1 Case
Designed to add a full flow oil system without machining the crankcase. Screws into the rear..
Ex Tax: $95.92
VW 90.5mm "B" Piston Barrel Kit (Up to 2110cc)
90.5mm Up to 82mm Crank shaft = 2110cc This is a new set of 90.5mm (B) VW Aircooled Type 1 Pi..
Ex Tax: $420.00
Sump Plate Gasket Kit VW Type 4 Engine (1700cc to 2000cc)
Oil strainer gaskets with washer Sump Kit   Genuine German made, we have found t..
Ex Tax: $4.95
Bosch Plug Wire Set (Ignition Wire Set), VW Upright Engines
Genuine Bosch Plug Wire sets are great wires.   They have a stock appearance, these ..
Ex Tax: $101.50
High Performance Push Rods Stock Length
Resists flexing at high RPM’s under the loads of high lift cams and heavy valve spring pressure..
Ex Tax: $67.40
Big End Bearings +1.00mm (+0.40") Type 1
VW Big end (Rod Bearing) Sets, 1200 to 1600cc Engines are excellent bearings for up to around 160..
Ex Tax: $38.65
Oil Thermostat
Mounts in-line and bypasses oil cooler until oil warms up to approximately 175F degrees. Alwa..
Ex Tax: $156.70
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