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Vintage Speed Exhaust VW Kombi 1968 and on without heat risers
Vintage Speed Exhaust VW Kombi without heat risers for dual carb set ups. High Performance S..
Ex Tax: $782.60
VW Vertical oil filler with grooved alloy cap.
Tired of oil spilling all over when you try to add It to your motor? This new design makes it muc..
Ex Tax: $64.11
Oil Thermostat with fittings
Mounts in-line and bypasses oil cooler until oil warms up to approximately 175F degrees. Alwa..
Ex Tax: $171.89
Main Bearing Set VW Type 4 based engine Standard on case, Standard on Crank
Main Bearings.    Standard Crank Standard Case for 1700cc, 1800cc and 2000cc Ty..
Ex Tax: $212.43
Fireproof Cloth Roll Black with stainless steel ties
Fiberglass Heat Exhaust Thermo Header Pipe Wrap Protection Tape 50mm wide and 5 meters long &nb..
Ex Tax: $36.55
EMPI Centrifugal Advance Distributor "009"
This is the street model EMPI "009" Copy which has similar advance curve to the old no longer ava..
Ex Tax: $183.33
VW Oil Sump Plate Cap Nut
Nuts for sump plate M6 Closed at the bottom as original, sold each ..
Ex Tax: $0.85
CB Performance 044™ Ultra Mag Plus (42 x 37.5) 90.5/92mm Bore
With 42 x 37.5mm Stainless Steel Valves, CNC Porting, Dual Hi-Rev Springs, Chromoly Retainers, &a..
Ex Tax: $1,684.35
Type 4 Lifter bore conversion Kit to Type 1 Lifters
This kit allows you to convert your Type 4 to use the wider range of performance Type 1 lifters ..
Ex Tax: $340.16
Wave Washer 8mm For Air Cooled VW Engines
These are a great washer that will not damaged alloy surfaces when tightening, unlike spring wash..
Ex Tax: $0.34
Idle Shut Off Valve, PICT 34-3, and PICT34-4, and 34 PDSIT 2/3 Carburettors.
This is the valve on the side of the carburetor that provides air to the idle circuit. This valve..
Ex Tax: $35.12
Flywheel shim Type 4 Engine 0.30mm
Sold as singles these 0.30mm end float shims fit the VW Kombi with the 1700,1800 and 2000cc ..
Ex Tax: $29.75
Barrel Shim for Type 4 1700cc, 1800cc, 2000cc engine .020" (0.50mm) Thick
.020" (0.50mm)  Thick Steel shims allow for adjusting deck height without machining..
Ex Tax: $33.51
Idle Jets, All Weber IDF & IDA, EMPI HPMX Carburetors  (Size 0.55)
Idle Jets, All Weber IDF & IDA, EMPI HPMX Carburetors  (Size 0.55) Jets are sized in..
Ex Tax: $13.22
Replacement Channel Gaskets, Pair For CB Performance and EMPI Alloy bolt on rocker covers
Sold as a pair ..
Ex Tax: $25.45
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