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Fuel filter in line all VW carburettor engines
Fuel filter in line all carburettor engines.   If you are using these for a non VW a..
Ex Tax: $5.56
85.5mm VW Piston Barrel Kit (1600cc) Quality Version
Quality Mahle made VW piston barrel kit, the original supplier back in the day to VW, and conside..
Ex Tax: $402.48
85.5mm Piston Barrel Kit (1600cc)
This is a new set of standard 85.5mm Type 1 pistons and cylinders. This kit requires no machine w..
Ex Tax: $255.00
VW Engine Gasket Set With Flywheel Seal, for 1200 (40HP)/1300/1500/1600cc Engines
Engine Gasket Set With Flywheel Seal, for 1200 (40HP)/1300/1500/1600cc Engines The Metric Nu..
Ex Tax: $42.80
Top End Engine Rebuild Kit for VW Type 1 Twin Port Engines
Money saving bundle kit. Includes:   1 X 85.5mm piston and cylinder set &nbs..
Ex Tax: $1,086.96
VW Muffler Fitting Kit 1200 to 1600 Style engines
Muffler Fitting Kit for Beetle Kombi mufflers that are 1200cc to 1600cc based engines from 1961 a..
Ex Tax: $31.60
VW 36HP style fan shroud with "doghouse" cooler Ducting and with heater ducts
36HP style fan shroud with heater ducts. If you are going to be fitting dual carburetors..
Ex Tax: $224.19
EMPI HPMX 40 Carburetor
Carburetor  with chrome velocity stacks Jets are .52 idles 115 Mains 200 Air..
Ex Tax: $478.56
Engine tin "Dog House" venting tin
This 2-piece tin set attaches to the back of a doghouse type shroud to direct the hot air coming ..
Ex Tax: $83.47
VW Chromoly Flywheel Bolt Heavy Duty made by CB Performance
CB Performance Gland Nut Don't take your chances on stock Flywheel Bolt (Gland Nut) performan..
Ex Tax: $62.31
VW Rear Main Flywheel oil seal 1200cc (40HP) to 1600cc based engines Made in Germany
Also called the Crankshaft Seal or as the Rear Main oil seal Quality Silicon Seal that w..
Ex Tax: $8.77
VW Single Port Manifold End Kit
Use this when you want to upgrade from a small 30 PICT style carburettor to a modern 34 PICT..
Ex Tax: $157.25
Flywheel 200mm 12 Volt Ring Gear Cro Mo 8 Doweled
Flywheel 200mm 12 Volt Ring Gear Cro Mo 8 Doweled   This is a stock weight flywheel ..
Ex Tax: $297.11
VW Rocker Cover Gasket, Fits 1200cc (40HP) 1300cc, 1500cc and 1600cc style engines
Best quality composite OEM Style cork gaskets we can get!  Made in Germany   ..
Ex Tax: $3.30
EMPI Generation 3 HPMX Dual 44mm Ultra carb kit for Type 1 engines
EMPI's HPMX carburetors are some of the best in the industry. In a head-to-head compari..
Ex Tax: $1,595.69
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