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Rebuilt Gearboxes:
Stock Gearboxes are rebuilt with everything needed for a proper rebuild. All Gaskets, Seals, Bearings, Synchro's, Re Bushed Gear Carriers (when needed), all gears are parts are cleaned and checked for cracks before these are assembled and painted. 
Freeway Flyer Transmissions are geared taller so that you can cruise the freeways at lower RPM's without stressing out your engine at high RPM's. Pro- Street Gearboxes (Transmissions) come with: Super Diff, HD Side Cover, Welded Hubs, Steel Shift Forks, Hardened Keys and of course the full rebuild.  
Swing Axle style gearboxes are sold without axles. 


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VW Swing Axle Boot with Hardware Kit
This swing axle transmission axle split boot kit is designed for ease of installation and has bec..
Ex Tax: $19.88
VW Gearbox Saddle Mount
1949 to 1972  Beetle 1950 to 1967 Kombi, 1964 to 1973 Type 3 Excellent to chang..
Ex Tax: $19.70
VW Clutch release bearing clip heavy duty (Early)
The stock VW clutch release bearing clip (The "U" shaped design) is a poor design, these heavy du..
Ex Tax: $5.32
VW Gearbox Nose Mount (Front)
Gearbox Nose Mount  Beetle 1962 to 1972 Karmann Ghia 1962 to 1972    ..
Ex Tax: $37.89
VW Kombi Drive Shaft 1968 to 1979
VW Kombi Drive Shaft 1968 to 1979 for manual transmission Kombi's only. EMPI's drive axle ass..
Ex Tax: $260.87
Transmission mount upper Kombi 1972 to 1979
These top gearbox mounts fit all VW Kombi's from 1972 to 1979   Part number 16 on di..
Ex Tax: $33.52
VW IRS Gearbox with Freeway Flyer Final Drive with Kombi Nose Cone
This is a great gearbox for any Split Window Kombi that is being converted to IRS Suspension. ..
Ex Tax: $2,668.97
VW Rear Axle Nut 46mm, 1964 to 1979 Kombi
This is the nut that retains your rear brake drum. These must be torqued to spec or tighter, or t..
Ex Tax: $18.10
Clutch Release Bearing Late Style Quality
Fits all Beetle's, Kombi's, Karmann Ghia's and Type 3's from 1971 and on Quality Sachs HD bea..
Ex Tax: $88.63
Wheel Bearing Axle Shaft Outer VW Kombi Reduction Hub all years to 1967
This is the bearing on the very outer of the axle from the gearbox that is held on with the circl..
Ex Tax: $69.45
Gearbox Main Shaft Bearing Rear (Late)
Late Main shaft Needle bearing   Beetle 1973 to 1979    Komb..
Ex Tax: $29.68
VW Gear Box Input Shaft Seal
Main Shaft Seal (Input Shaft Seal), 1961 to 1991 Manual gearbox.  This seal is what keep..
Ex Tax: $11.65
CV Boot VW Kombi 1968 and on including Brazilian made Kombi's
Moulded from high quality black Neoprene and feature integral mounting flange. This is our b..
Ex Tax: $14.99
Early VW Gearbox Pinion Bearing Quality FAG
Differential Shaft Pinion Bearing, Early (4-Bolt Style), Fits 1961-72 Type 1 Transmissions. &..
Ex Tax: $181.45
Pinion Tensioning Nut for Gearbox on Pinion Shaft
Pinion Nut   Beetle 1970 to 1979   Karmann Ghia 1970 to 1974  ..
Ex Tax: $40.05
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