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CV Bolt Hex Head Socket Tool 12 Point 8mm with 3/8" Drive
CV Bolt Tool, for bolts with 12 Point Bolts - 8mm 12-Point with 3/8" Drive Any Volkswagen wit..
Ex Tax: $17.05
Wave Washer 8mm For Air Cooled VW Engines
These are a great washer that will not damaged alloy surfaces when tightening, unlike spring wash..
Ex Tax: $0.34
VW Transission Drain Plug Socket, 17mm, 3/8" Drive
Can also be used for the IRS inner Bolts on Beetle's, Karmann Ghia's and Type 3's ..
Ex Tax: $13.95
Courier Bag Medium
Courier Bag Medium ..
Ex Tax: $9.50
Engine case splitter tool
Case splitter (also called crank case splitter) for all VW blocks with Beetle type oil pumps. ..
Ex Tax: $23.41
Anti-Seize Engine Assembly Lube (284g)
Anti-Seize Engine Assembly Lube (284g) Anti-Seize Engine Assembly Lube provides protection f..
Ex Tax: $31.22
Sealant and Gasket maker 50mls
50ml Tube  This is the sealant we use in our own workshop, we have tried many and we hav..
Ex Tax: $29.57
Motul HD 80w 90 Gearbox Mineral Oil 1 Ltr
Motul  HD  80W90 is a high-quality mineral hypoid gear oil for manual transmissions, fi..
Ex Tax: $22.50
VW Workshop Manual Beetle & Karmann Ghia, 1970-1979
Volkswagen Beetle & Karmann Ghia Official Service Manual 1970-1979 466 pages, 720 Illust..
Ex Tax: $80.00
Engine Oil Filter Removal Tool Porsche 911 Cayenne and Boxster
This tool allows the easy removal of the engine oil filter on your water cooled 911, Cayenne, and..
Ex Tax: $15.57
VW Workshop Manual Kombi 1968 to 1979
By Volkswagen Of America. 464 Pages.  753 Illustrations And Diagrams. 23 Pgs Of..
Ex Tax: $129.09
Valve Adjustment Sticker (0.15mm / 0.006") for VW Beetle, Kombi, Type 3, and Karmann Ghia's
Good quality reproduction product.  Add a touch of authentic-looking period detail wi..
Ex Tax: $7.82
Jet Gauge, .45mm to 1.50mm Range
These precision tools allow you to fine-tune your carburetors. The jet reamer set features precis..
Ex Tax: $83.16
Thread Sealant 50mls
LOCTITE 567 Off-white, low disassembly strength methacrylate thread sealant, ideal for seali..
Ex Tax: $29.57
Dowel Jig Pin tool for 8 Dowel cranks and flywheels
Provides perfect positioning for drilling extra pin location holes for eight dowel pin installati..
Ex Tax: $70.18
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