"TMN Good Brakes™" for VW Kombi 1955 to 1963

"TMN Good Brakes™" for VW Kombi 1955 to 1963
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Its here, the “TMN Good Brakes™" Kit for Volkswagen Kombi’s 1955 to 1963. Complete kit with "Wide Five" (5 X 205)  Wheel Bolt pattern.

Over the last few years we have been developing this kit as we have been dissatisfied with other kits that have been on offer, after living with them and hearing clients feed back, we decided we could do it better……….and we have.
Why are our kits are better…
1) They have a quality readly available vented brake rotor, not a proprietary steel rotor that you can only buy from the brake kit manufacturer, that wears quickly, is noisy when the brakes are applied and "clicks and ticks" when heating up and cooling down.

2) With the “TMN Good Brakes” kit you can purchase the kit in parts, this means if you want to get the latest race brake rotor with slots and cross drilling you can, or if you are on a budget, you can even get a set of used rotors from your local dismantler, or for ease go with the rotors we supply with the complete kit here at The Metric Nut VW. The choice is yours, no other kit offers those options.
3) Off set, our brakes have less than half the off set of any similar brake set up, the off set is a minamal 5mm and this includes the wider vented rotor, less off set reduces the chance of tyre rub. Other brake kits out there are over 12mm of set and with a thin rotor.
4) The ability to change wheel patterns. We will be offering 5 X 205 or Porsche pattern 5 X 130 (Porsche pattern will be available later this year)  as standard options and the ability to change with the purchase of the adaptors to change from one pattern to the other if you want to change wheels later on.
5) New Zealand LVVT certifiable, we have worked with the LVVT authority to make sure our kit complies with no issues, and are pre approved, no other VW brake kit has this for New Zealand and it will save you money at the time of certification.
6) Will fit Dropped and Stock Spindle set ups.
Alloy wheels are the best fit to these brake kits due to clearance, also alloy wheels allow you to use wider tyres (as alloys are wider than stock steel wheels), having wider tyres allows better braking performance due to a larger contact patch on the road.
Steel Wheels will fit, but only Beetle 15” rims or larger steel wheels.
Will not fit Kombi factory VW rims.

Your Master Cylinder is recommend to be changed for the best performance and safety of your braking system when changing to the TMN Good Brakes kit, we recommend changing to this master cylinder available here, you will need to also order the spacer kit if you are using this kit on a pre 1967 Kombi, the spacer is avalaible here.

We also recomend for the best brake performance you also purchase our "TMN Booster Pack™" Brake booster kit for a modern brake power and feel. See the selection here.
What you get in this Kit......
2 X TMN Disc Brake Hub for Kombi 1955 to 1963
2 X Adaptor Plate to "Wide Five" wheel bolt pattern (M14 X 1.5 Stud)  ***Make sure you have the correct nuts ordered/avalaible so you can fit your wheels the same day as you have the brakes fitted***
2 X Quality Brake Rotor Vented
10 X Bolt chrome to bolt adaptor to hub
2 X Inner Wheel Bearing Quality Brand
2 X Outer Wheel Bearing Quality Brand

2 X Front Hub Seal 

2 X Brake Caliper Mounting Bracket
8 X High Tensile Zinc plated Cap Screw 
counter sunk for Brake Mounting Bracket

4 X High Tensile Zinc plated Cap Screw for Caliper to Brake Mounting Bracket
10 X High Tensile Zinc plated Cap Screw and wave washer for brake rotor to hub mounting
2 X 4 Piston DynaLite WilWood Brake Caliper
1 X WilWood Brake Pad set for DynaLite brake caliper
2 X Flexible Brake Hose from WilWood brake caliper to VW Hard Line

1 X Set Spacer washers for caliper alignment

2 X Axle Spacer
Please note: A certain amount of mechanical ability is required to fit this kit, so if you are unsure please have a experience mechanic have it fitted for you.

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