VW Tie Rod Relocation Kit (Tie Rod Flip Kit), Pair

VW Tie Rod Relocation Kit (Tie Rod Flip Kit), Pair
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Tie Rod Relocation Kit (Tie Rod Flip Kit), Pair are used to "Flip" your tie rod end. Simply drill the hole out to 5/8” (16mm) and then use this bushing to put the tie rod on the other side.

This is used to correct steering geometry in lowered cars, or to get more tie rod clearance.

This is a great product for correcting steering geometry and bump-steer issues.

These ONLY fit late tie rod ends. (Available here)  You can use these on early cars with the smaller tie rod ends, but you'll need 2 new tie rod ends to match the newly inserted bushings.

An example of a car that has a "problem" is when the car is extremely lowered, and now the outer tie rods sit higher than the pitman arm on the steering box (inner tie rods). Using this kit, you relocate the outer arms to insert into the spindle from BELOW, rather than above, and this restores the tie rod angle that is necessary for the steering to work properly.

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