VW Swing Axle Gear box

VW Swing Axle Gear box
VW Swing Axle Gear box VW Swing Axle Gear box
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This is a great gearbox for any Beetle, KG, Type 3

It is spec'ed with the later taller gear set, and is best suited to any Beetle 1961 and on with a Swing Axle set up.

Rebuilt Transmission.

1st Gear: 3,78
2nd Gear: 2,06
3rd Gear: 1,26
4th Gear: 0,89 

Late Clutch forks are fitted to these gearboxes.

Differential set to Beetle, this is also the same gearbox we use in our straight axle conversions for pre 1967 Kombi's. (For the straight axle conversion the nose cone will need to be swapped for a Kombi style with Kombi selector "hockey stick" also)

Type 1 Swing Axle Transmission, (No Axles Included) Tighter tolerances and better parts ensure that you won't be replacing the gearbox again soon.All worn parts are replaced (new seals, bearings, etc.) 

Note: These units do NOT come with fulcrum plates, backing plates, brakes, etc; you must transfer these items from your old unit.
All gearboxes carry a warranty subject to terms and conditions of 50,000 Kilometres or 12 months whichever is first
​All gearboxes must returned to us for inspection before any replacement or repair is carried out.

Warranty does NOT cover incidental costs such as installation or removal, warranty and guarantee covers the gearbox only, shipping again is not something that service includes so is NOT covered under the warranty, if no fault is located you may be subject to additional costs.

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