VW "009" Style Distributor Complete

VW "009" Style Distributor Complete
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"009" Style Distributor Complete

The 009 distributor is a centrifugal-advance distributor. It has no vacuum advance component at all. It does not have the "load sensing" ability of the vacuum distributors that came as VW original equipment. 

But the 009 distributor is very popular because it is inexpensive. and all parts are available., and performs well in twin carburettor set ups.

Please note that not all 009 distributors are the same in quality, we have seen and thrown out some after market made units that have hard to replace points, to much free play on the shaft, miss fitting caps, and drive keys that have been drilled off centre. Also we found these distributors would not except electronic points.

We get the best units we can that are made in North America and  have the correct parts fitted from new, and the advance curves are correct for your VW engine.

These distributors come complete with points, condenser, rotor and cap, but do not come with the sealing O ring these are available here

When setting up your distributor we advise that you set the maximum advance @ 3000 RPM to 30˚ advance and let the advance at idle fall where is falls

Points gap is 016”   (0.40mm) This is a good place to start, we tend to set it by dwell as this is a true reading dwell is 50˚ .



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