VW Fuel Pump Type 1 Based engines

VW Fuel Pump Type 1 Based engines
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Mechanical Fuel Pump, 1962 to 1979 Beetle, all Type 3's Kombi 1960 to 1979 with Type 1 Based engines.
This pump is taller, and uses a longer pump pushrod, since clearance wasn't an issue on the generator engines. Make sure you are using the correct push rod length to ensure compatibility.
Your push rod should be the later 110mm length for this pump to work correctly. The shorter push rod is 106mm, if you require the longer push rod we have them avalaible here.

You can use this pump on alternator equipped engines as well as generator equipped engines, but you'll find out that in order to remove it you have to lift the alternator up to get enough room to get it off the studs.

You should also know that Volkswagen fuel pumps are self regulated for pressure, but you have to know how to do it, this is accomplished by putting the pump further away from the pushrod, lessening the pump stroke. You do this by stacking pump gaskets between the pump and spacer.

We have seen the stock pump output pressure exceed 12psi, often due to aftermarket pump spacers being too short. Either stack a ton of gaskets, or use a properly built spacer.
The correct pressure is 3 Psi.
This pump is not the correct pump for 36hp and Type 4 style engines.

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