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Porsche Oil Filter 911 (1972 to 1994)
Porsche Oil Filter 911  Fits all Porsche 911 (1972-94), 911 Turbo (1976-89)  ..
Ex Tax: $26.51
Porsche Classic Part  Red Oil Filter Purolator Micronic, PC34 Fits 911 1965 to 1971
Fits all Porsche 911 1965 to 1971 These are the Original Equipment and are in the correct "R..
Ex Tax: $48.57
Porsche Oil Filter 944, 944 Turbo and 968
Porsche Oil Filter 944, 944 Turbo and 968  These are the Original Equipment supplier to..
Ex Tax: $29.30
VW Rear Main Flywheel oil seal 1200cc (40HP) to 1600cc based engines (Made in Germany)
Also called the Crankshaft Seal or as the Rear Main oil seal Quality Silicon Seal that w..
Ex Tax: $8.77
Heavy duty EMPI cast steel oil pump cover
Heavy duty EMPI cast steel oil pump cover is tapped for a full flow oil system fits all VW pumps ..
Ex Tax: $69.41
VW Oil Pump 21mm gear 8mm stud holes
Small passage Volkswagen Type 1 oil pump with 8mm holes for 1500-1600cc ..
Ex Tax: $92.93
Jay Cee Universal Oil Return (AN-8)  (Black)
Fits onto the Universal/T-3 Engine case dipstick hole. ..
Ex Tax: $74.60
Oil cooler for Kombi 1700cc 1800cc and 2000cc Type 4 engines
Oil cooler for Kombi 1700cc 1800cc and 2000cc Type 4 engines found on Kombi's 1972 to 1979 a..
Ex Tax: $206.76
VW Sump Kit Oil change gasket set 1200cc 40hp, 1300cc, 1500cc and 1600cc (5 Pack)  (Made In Germany)
Bulk deal on 5 gasket kits. We know what Volkswagen owners are like, they oftern own more tha..
Ex Tax: $15.80
VW Ignition Coil 12 Volt Quality  Beru Brand
The ignition coil is an important part of the ignition system. The coil provides the necessary hi..
Ex Tax: $74.24
Motul HD 80w 90 Gearbox Mineral Oil 1 Ltr
Motul  HD  80W90 is a high-quality mineral hypoid gear oil for manual transmissions, fi..
Ex Tax: $22.50
Oil Pump Cover Steel
VW Oil Pump Cover  Fits all 8mm stud oil pumps, good to replace your old worn pump cove..
Ex Tax: $16.80
VW Type 4 1700cc, 1800cc and 2000cc Sump Gauze
Sump Gauze for VW Kombi's 1700cc, 1800cc and 2000cc Aircooled Clean, uncontaminated oil is vi..
Ex Tax: $22.75
VW Vertical oil filler with grooved alloy cap.
Tired of oil spilling all over when you try to add It to your motor? This new design makes it muc..
Ex Tax: $64.11
VW Oil Filler Nut
This oil filler nut fits inside the oil breather box and is suitable for Kombi 1959 to 1979 with ..
Ex Tax: $18.74
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