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Air Cleaner For Stock VW Carb 2 1/2" High
Air Cleaner for Stock VW Carb on Single carb Beetle's, Karmann Ghia and Kombi's 2 1/2"  ..
Ex Tax: $41.52
Oil Cooler Seal (10mm X 10mm)
Oil Cooler Seal (10mm X 10mm) 1971 - 1979  Sold Each ..
Ex Tax: $2.02
T-piece, M10 x 1 for use oil pressure senders
T-piece allows installation of two devices in the oil pressure gallery hole.  One M10 x..
Ex Tax: $21.56
VW Big End Bearings +1.25mm (+0.50") Type 1
VW Big end (Rod Bearing) Sets, 1200 to 1600cc Engines are excellent bearings for up to around 160..
Ex Tax: $60.00
VW Alloy Rocker Covers CB Performance
CB's new C Channel Valve Covers are manufactured from pressure cast aluminum and feature a ball b..
Ex Tax: $176.03
Vintage Speed Flange Adaptors to Heater boxs (Pair)
35mm (Standard) flange for original header boxes with performance flange to muffler Sold as a..
Ex Tax: $58.71
Barrel Shim for 90.5mm and 92mm Cylinders .030"  (0.75mm) Thick
.030" Thick     (0.75mm) Steel shims allow for adjusting deck height without machin..
Ex Tax: $28.92
VW Oil Sump Plate Cap Nut
Nuts for sump plate M6 Closed at the bottom as original, sold each ..
Ex Tax: $0.85
VW Generator and Alternator Stand Oil Deflector Plate
This fits between case and stand   40hp 1200cc to 1600cc Engines,    ..
Ex Tax: $3.53
VW Stock grind camshaft with gear (+2)   New not rebuilt
Fits 1200cc(40hp)-1600cc Type 1/2/3 Engines Stock grind camshaft new with gear This has t..
Ex Tax: $241.40
Idle Shut Off Valve, PICT 34-3, and PICT34-4, and 34 PDSIT 2/3 Carburettors.
This is the valve on the side of the carburetor that provides air to the idle circuit. This valve..
Ex Tax: $35.12
VW Heat Exchanger Lever Kit Right Hand Side
VW Heat Exchanger Lever Kit Right Hand Side Fit's all beetles with engines from 1962 and on a..
Ex Tax: $26.24
VW 34 PICT-3 Carburettor
There has been many "Chinese Made" 34-Pict carburetors come into the market over the last few yea..
Ex Tax: $364.57
VW Oil Cooler Seal, 8x8 mm, Non-Doghouse Upright Engines
Oil cooler seals are confusing. This is the seal used on in the shroud non-doghouse coolers, ..
Ex Tax: $1.10
Vintage Speed "Classic" Muffler VW Beetle and Karmann Ghia 1300cc to 1600cc stye engines
Being New Zealand's Official Vintage Speed re-seller for the last 10 Years, we have the knowledge..
Ex Tax: $673.87
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