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Oil Hose 1/2" High temperature and High pressure
High Temperature / High Pressure Oil Hose for use with oil coolers and/or remote oil filter. ..
Ex Tax: $10.90
Gland Nut Spigot Bearing
Transmission Input Shaft Pilot Bearing (In Gland Nut),  This is inside the gland nut on ..
Ex Tax: $5.66
Crankshaft Gear Spacer 1961 and on
This spacer goes between the gears at the end of a VW crankshaft. A must when replacing the ..
Ex Tax: $17.30
VW Piston Ring Set 87mm Piston  (1641cc)
Piston Ring Set 87mm (1641cc) 2mm Top ring 2mm Middle ring   5mm Oil ri..
Ex Tax: $45.50
VW Camshaft Bearing Set Type 1 1200cc to 1600cc 0.25mm Oversize
.25mm (.010") Oversize Cam Bearings, Type 1 Based Engines,    These are used to..
Ex Tax: $22.11
VW Push Rod, Stock 1300, 1500, and 1600cc Engines
282mm   It's a good idea to replace the stock Push Rods that often get torn up from ..
Ex Tax: $115.19
Deluxe Engine Hardware Kit 10mm
You get all the necessary hardware you need to assemble your VW beetle-style engine just the way ..
Ex Tax: $78.54
VW Main Bearing Set Type 1 based engine +60" on case, -20" on Crank with .080" Thrust
1200-1600cc Main Bearings Set, Steel backed for extra strength , these bearings are a excellent b..
Ex Tax: $134.17
Spin on oil filter mount ports left
Mounts a standard spin-on oil filter on the location of your choice on your Volkswagen. In a..
Ex Tax: $45.42
VW Crank Shaft 69mm Counterweighted and 8 doweled Forged 4140 Chromoly
This is a Brand New Forged 4140 Chromoly Counterweighted Crankshaft for for 1300cc, 1500cc and 16..
Ex Tax: $521.65
Rocker Shaft Shims, .010", Set of 8
Replace the wave washers on the stock rocker shaft set-up. Eliminates excess side play and mainta..
Ex Tax: $13.49
Flywheel 200mm 12 Volt Ring Gear Cro Mo 8 Doweled
Flywheel 200mm 12 Volt Ring Gear Cro Mo 8 Doweled   This is a stock weight flywheel ..
Ex Tax: $297.11
8mm Valve Adjusting Screw Quality Version
These are NOT the cheap adjusting screws that are not properly made nor heat treated!  ..
Ex Tax: $6.93
VW Sump Kit Oil change gasket set 1200cc 40hp, 1300cc, 1500cc and 1600cc (5 Pack)  (Made In Germany)
Bulk deal on 5 gasket kits. We know what Volkswagen owners are like, they oftern own more tha..
Ex Tax: $15.80
Oil Thermostat
Mounts in-line and bypasses oil cooler until oil warms up to approximately 175F degrees. Alwa..
Ex Tax: $156.70
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