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VW Brake Light Switch 2 Pin
This is the switch that turns the brake lights on when there is pressure in the brake system. ..
Ex Tax: $38.90
Brake Master Cylinder VW Kombi 1968 and on with servo brakes
For use on Bay Window Buses with a brake servo. This is also the master cylinder we recommend..
Ex Tax: $204.14
Brake Reservoir cap Kombi to 1967 and Vanagaon/T25 1980 to 1990
Fits Kombi’s up to 1967 and Vanagon’s/T25 1980 to 1990 ..
Ex Tax: $11.80
VW 20.6mm bore Dual Circuit Master Cylinder for 4 Wheel disc brake set ups
When installing disc brakes to all four wheels, the use of this master cylinder is mandatory. ..
Ex Tax: $122.76
TMN Booster Pack E-Plus™
TMN Booster Pack E-Plus™  This kit is designed to be fitted to pre 1967 Kombi's with fro..
Ex Tax: $1,387.57
Brake Reservoir for Dual Circuit Master Cylinder (85mm Spacing 13mm Outlets)
This plastic (push in) reservoir sits right on top of the dual circuit  master cylinder &nbs..
Ex Tax: $42.13
Brake Master Cylinder for 1950 to 1967 VW Kombi's
22.2mm Bore   This is a great quality master cylinder, with proven reliability and p..
Ex Tax: $146.55
Brass 3 point brake pipe connector (T Piece)
Brass 3 point brake pipe connector (T Piece) Threads are M10 X 1 (Stock VW) ..
Ex Tax: $21.58
VW Kombi Dual Circuit Master Cylinder Adapter (For Disc Brake Conversion Kits)
This billet aluminium adapter allows you to install a dual circuit master cylinder onto your VW S..
Ex Tax: $59.95
Brake Fluid Reservoir Cap VW Beetle 1954 to 1960 and VW Kombi 1950 to 1960
Brake fluid reservoir cap.    Fits all VW Beetles from 1954 to 1960 and VW Komb..
Ex Tax: $10.44
Brake line bracket billet polished aluminium swing axle tube
This polished billet aluminum brake line mount is split for easy install on a swing axle tube. ..
Ex Tax: $39.59
Brake Servo (9in. Diameter) VW Kombi  1974 to 1979
New brake servo unit.   230mm (9inch) diameter.  Fits VW Kombi’s  f..
Ex Tax: $431.89
Brake Reservoir Kombi 1969 to 1972
Master cylinder mounted reservoir with the inlet on the rear and outlets 85mm apart. Reservoi..
Ex Tax: $63.91
Brake Servo VW Kombi 1971 to 1974
Good quality reproduction product.   Replacement brake servo that is 8" in diameter ..
Ex Tax: $431.57
Brake Fluid Fill Reservoir VW Kombi 1969 to 1972
Brake Fluid Fill Reservoir VW Kombi 1969 to 1972 These often crack and have in the past hard..
Ex Tax: $50.72
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