Oil cooler for VW Beetle Kombi with "Dog House" shroud Type 1 engines

Oil cooler for VW Beetle Kombi with "Dog House" shroud Type 1 engines
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Oil cooler for Beetle or Kombi with "Dog House" shroud Type 1 engines. (Up right fan shroud with off set cooler, standard fitment from 1971 and on)
This cools the oil a lot better than the "In Shroud steel" earlier model cooler, and also has the advantage of a cooler 3/4 side of the engine.

This new alloy oil cooler is recommend for any new engine build, espcially if there has been a bearing failure, and the cooler is filled with debris, as they can be very difficult to clean.
To convert to this later system if you are using the earlier steel cooler set up you will need the oil cooler adapter, and a  the different fan shroud, cooler tin and front engine tin. But the results of this cooler are worth it, especially if you live in a hot climate.

Tech Note: These can be used on a Type 3 engine, if you relocate the oil pressure switch the Type 1 position behind the distributor (This would have to be drilled and tapped)

Don't forget to order seals when purchasing

Note this will not fit Late Type 4 Style Kombi as you need the wider version for these engines that we also sell. The type 4 oil cooler is here.

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